What Topcoats Can You Use on Chalk Paint?

What Topcoats Can You Use on Chalk Paint?

“Do I have to wax chalk paint?”

If I had a dollar for every time . . . Never mind no use is dwelling on that.  No. You don’t have to ONLY wax chalk and clay based paints. You can certainly do that if that is the finish and texture you are going for and you don’t mind re-waxing your furniture every few weeks.

Chalk Painting Some Pumpkins

I don’t choose to wax chalk paint on furniture.  

First, I don’t particularly like waxing furniture or relaxing furniture.  I think it looks streaky even when it’s done well and I don’t care for the texture.  Second, the last thing I want to set a hot cup of coffee or tea on my end table and have a nice big cup ring on my table.  

Really? Did I just hear you say to use a coaster?  Do you think the animals I live with are really going to use coasters?  No, my tables have to be life-proof just like my phone case.

And since I love my furniture pieces more than my phone (sorry Siri but it’s true) that means I want to take as much care if not more to protect these pieces from damage.

What I Use

I use a water based clear coat on my furniture pieces.  It gives my furniture the durability it needs to survive an afternoon at my house.  Any water based clear will work and can be purchased at the hardware store in different lusters from matte to ultra shiny.  I like to play with the luster sometimes because I get the ease of use of chalk and clay based paints but the finish looks like acrylic or oil-based products.  

No wax on this chalk painted stool

In the end, wax chalk paint furniture if you want but don’t feel that you have no choice in the matter.  

If you have a life that doesn’t allow for re-waxing, and you crave durability, then go right ahead and clear coat your chalk paint.  

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What Topcoats Can You Use on Chalk Paint // Protect Chalk Paint Without Wax

If you want to view my video testing topcoats on chalk paint click the video below!

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  1. Question;
    I already added one coat of clear wax to my piece. Think it’s ok to still use the water based top coat?

    1. What type of wax? If it’s Annie Sloan it should be okay. She made her wax to be covered my her water based paints without issue so covering it with a water based primer.

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