Reselling Revealed What Sold In June

Reselling Revealed What Sold In June

Reselling Revealed! What sold in June 2021 at my Picket Fence Booth. June is a notoriously bad month for sales so lets see how I did!

Reselling Revealed

There are a lot of “resellers” online that talk a lot about what you should make, flips, paint or sell for resale. I thought I would reveal what actually sold in my area. In our area prices are significantly lower than they should be for vintage items so please don’t look at my prices as a guideline for your pricing.

Reselling Reveal

My Highest Priced Sale

Even though June is a tough (or slow) month it’s still hard to swallow. The iron planter from France was the highest priced item I sold. So even though I started my business as a “furniture flipper”, it was months like this that made it clear that if you want to operate a shop you can’t only sell furniture or you won’t make rent.

You won’t see any tags for furniture this month. For me that’s gut wrenching.

The cheapest item I sold this month

This tag was the least expensive thing I sold in my booth. It really was a big pine cone about 6 inches tall. I say on my YouTube channel all the time that you make your rent on walls and smalls. This month is a perfect example of what I mean. It was a lot of tags like this one that made my rent for me.

Even my Etsy shop has dried up this June, so those $2 price tags were celebrated like I had sold millions. They add up quickly.

Ice cream chair sold

The ice cream parlor chair you might remember from one of my junkin videos. I scored this piece at a garage sale for $5 on the way back from the OG’s place. I was on my way to Picket so I was able to retag the chair and make a nice profit.

That is always a good day. One where you pick it up, drop it off, and get paid. They are few and far between so celebrate them when they come!

Free Table

Outdoor items were queen this month! This white outdoor table is one that I got free from my aunt. I did give it a quick coat of paint and used some JB Weld to reattach the mesh table top to the frame where it had broken away. An easy spruce up for a $19 sale.

Blue Table Sold

Oh my gosh! I accidently lied. There was a furniture sale. This blue table sold and I completely forgot. It sold early in the sale too. I completed this piece during the 100 projects 100 days challenge. I picked it up for $10 so not a huge profit but still a profit.

The Numbers Don’t Show the Whole Picture

Sunday is the discount day

On Sunday’s regularly priced items are an additional 10% off which was the bulk of my sales this month. Anything marked with a CC means the buyer paid by credit card, which means I pay the fees for the transaction. They seem like small fees but they add up fast and eat into your profits.

If your store passes the fees on to you and offers discounts make certain you take that into consideration when pricing your pieces.

Everything That Sold

I went through every receipt in the video below. If you have questions about what sold I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

In the end I made more than I thought I did during the sale. I was sure I hadn’t made rent. I actually made more than I did in May but not by much. Rent is covered for another month! On to the July Sale!