Upcycled Old Shutters Into A Planter Box

Upcycled Old Shutters Into A Planter Box

Oh I love building things! Especially when I’m able to upcycle things like these fantastic vintage shutters I picked up at a thrift store and pieces of my old deck!

Shutters and old deck pieces ready to upcycle

When I picked up a load of old shutters at the thrift store, I thought I would be using them in my booth to hang behind wreaths or to use as runners on a table. Whatever I was going to do with them for $3.99 I was going to take them home with me.

Shutters picked up from the thrift store

When the builder tore down the old steps to our deck, he wanted to cut the pieces up for the burn pile. You can imagine his expression when I yelled, “No one touches that wood until I go through it!”

There was a brief moment of arguing where he insisted I couldn’t re-use the wood because it was too rotted. I of course told him he had no idea what he was taking about and we parted ways.

Let’s Upcycle Some Shutters and a Deck!

I immediately started devising ways to repurpose my deck into items that could be sold in my shop. After all I paid a fortune for that deck 17 years ago, it was time for it to pay me back.

That’s when I looked at the supply of shutters I picked up an realized they would make a cute planter box. One set of the shutters had louvers that were stuck, which would make them perfect for a planter box.

First Disassemble

Disassemble the shutters

The first thing I needed to do was to separate the shutters. They are going to be the front and back of my planter box. To my frustration the screws were flat head screws. I am making it my mission in life to destroy all flat head screws and replace them with Philips head or star head screws. Flat head screws are the bane of my existance.

deck piece for upcycle

I then picked a piece of decking to use as the bottom and sides of my project. This piece had a little bit of rot on one end but I was able to cut it off. The rest of the board needed to be sanded and cleaned.

Measure Twice Cut Once

Use the shutter to measure wood

Since the shutters are the perfect straight edge I just used them to make sure the height of my side boards were correct. The depth is going to be the width of the board.

You’ll need to cut two sides (duh right).

upcycle shutters into planter boxes

To figure out the length of the bottom of the board you could measure the length, but it’s quicker and more accurate to do it my way. I stacked the side piece level to one edge then laid the board for the bottom on the shutter. Where it hangs off the edge of the shutter is what you need to cut off.

All I do to mark this is slide a pencil under the board along the edge of the shutter. It helps if you hang the board over the edge of a table. Just a quick tip.

This method is fool proof. Like magic you will never have one board is a little to long here or there.

cut your boards

I used a miter saw to make all my cuts. You can pick one up for around $100 and they are so worth money if you plant to do any sort of upcycling or building. Even if you don’t plan to upcycle your shutters! A miter saw also nice when you have to make 45 degree cuts to frame things. Game changer!

Build your upcycled shutter box

Then it’s time to assemble your box. I finally invested in a brad nailer. Yes! I have graduated from my hammer days. But it doesn’t matter if you have a brad nailer or not, you just need to attached the parts to each other in some way. You can use screws, or a traditional hammer and nails. You do you!

Don't forget the second side

I decided to leave the handle on my shutter. This will become the front of my planter box. This way I can hang a little wreath or a ribbon on it. Perhaps change it up for the seasons.

I don’t even know why I’m saying that like I’m keeping this box. Of course it’s going into the shop to be sold. Okay so whoever buys it can do those wonderful things with the knob.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

paint the box

And of course, I’m going to spray paint mine. A nice white coat of spray paint will cover the raw wood and give the aged shutters a nice bright new surface so the wholes planter box blends well together.

The paint I used was a primer and paint in one. If you’re using a spray paint that doesn’t contain a primer you will want to prime first. Raw wood will soak up all your beautiful paint and you’ll be frustrated.

All Finished

The finished planter box

Here is the completed planter box. As you can see I’ve already tagged it for the shop. I’m in love with this little box. I can see it loaded with greenery, or even holding items like I have it staged above.

I’m thinking this is going to sell quickly. I might have to build out a few of the other shutters and get those in the shop too.

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