Un-Du The Ultimate Label Remover

Un-Du The Ultimate Label Remover

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Sometimes I think the worst part of thrifting is the labels that are used for pricing (I’m looking at you Savers & Goodwill).  I’ve seen everything from garage sale stickers to the super adhesive giant barcode price tags and they all have one thing in common – they stick.  I know that’s their job but sometimes the workers don’t put them in the best position or stick them to a hand-painted piece that I’m terrified the paint will come off if I soak the sticker or worse it’s on a piece that so old there’s no way it will hold up to any attempt to scrape or soak the adhesive away.

Un-Du is a product I’ve been using for many years. You can probably tell in the photo that my bottle is nearly empty and this is my last one from a shipment of two.

Un-Du can remove the stickiest labels from the most delicate surface so I have no fear of destroying one my hard-won thrifting treasures. To prove this statement watch the video below where they remove Duct Tape from Toilet paper without damaging either the tape or the toilet paper.  I’m not kidding. You have to see this!

I had a woman who vehemently defended Her use of Goo-gone to me and if that’s your thing more power to you but there’s no way I’d try that toilet paper demonstration with Goo-Gone.  So I’m certainly not going to put it on something valuable and delicate. You can though.  I’m not.

I don’t need to reuse the price tags I take off but if you accidentally stick a label to the wrong package I can see the benefit of this or the wrong tab on a file folder (guilty).

It also comes in handy for removing Frozen stickers that get stuck to your coffee table “accidentally” without having to spend an hour scrubbing them away. Right like that only happens at my house.

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