Trying Simply Spray Upholstery Paint, Again

Trying Simply Spray Upholstery Paint, Again

Simply Spray Upholstery PaintWhen I tried Simply Spray Upholstery Paint a few months ago, I created a video for my YouTube channel (see the first video here). I thought my video was a fair representation of the Simply Spray product.

Boy was I wrong. Or at least my viewers thought I had really dropped the ball. Seriously, the most negative feedback was about how I handled Simply Spray.

Well I heard you! I listened!

Simply Spray reached out and let me know that I had been using an old version of their product and that they had improved. I said I would be willing to give them second shot and I would do another video.

So here is is!

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This time no one can say that I didn’t give the product a fair chance because I finished the chair and used every last drop of the Simply Spray. I honestly don’t know how I could done anything better/different this time around.

Have you ever tried Simply Spray? Was it the new or the old can design? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Many Blessings to you!