Trying Prima Marketing’s Artisan Powder

Trying Prima Marketing’s Artisan Powder

I’ve been wanting to try Prima Marketing Artisan Powders. Can they give my projects an antique, layered look? Let’s try it!

I’ve seen aging dust in the past that looked like you’ve just rubbed dirt over your project. What was different about the Prima Marketing Artisan Powder was that it comes in colors. If you’ve been on this blog or my YouTube channel for any length of time then you know I love color. Layers and layers of color is there anything more beautiful?


I started with this frame. I painted it in a bright blue and I loved it, but it felt like it lost the details by being one color.


Enter Prima Marketing Artisan Powder! I distressed some of the paint away to let the original finish of the frame to come through in some places. Then it was time for the Prima Marketing Powder.

Prima Marketing Artisan Powder in the cracks

I used the dry brushing technique for this project. All I needed was a dry fluffy brush. I was surprised at how well the powder clung to the brush without water or any other binding agent.

I brushed the Prima Marketing Artisan Powder into the details of the frame. If you look closely at the photo above you can see the powder clings in the details and the brush strokes of the paint.

Impressive and unexpected. I really wasn’t sure if the powder would stick but it did.

see the difference

You can see the difference between the powdered side on the eft and the unfinished side on the right. I liked it but I started to wonder what it would look like with a wax.

dark wax

All I had was dark wax on the shelf so that’s what I used. I brushed the wax across the whole surface.

dust in the wax

The Prima Marketing Artisan Powder stands out more against the dark wax.

Finished with Prima Marketing

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