The 100 Mile Garage Sale 2019

The 100 Mile Garage Sale 2019

The 100 mile garage sale takes place every year in Minnesota down by Redwing. It goes from Hastings to Winona and travels back and forth across the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Wait until you see the vintage haul on this video!

I love the 100 Mile garage sale! As a vintage seller it’s the fastest way to load up on inventory.  All-City sales and sales like this sale maximize the amount of inventory and minimize your time. Instead of long hours of driving and finding no sales this is a guaranteed mother-load!

Time is money after all. I do have to pay for a hotel when I go on this sale but the vintage haul that I come out with is worth it. I more than recoup my costs once everything is listed one Etsy or priced and put into my brick and mortar shop. It’s a sale I try not to miss.

On top of the amazing finds it’s always a lot of fun! I take my original junking buddy with me on this trip!


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