Spraying Chalk Paint

Spraying Chalk Paint
Spraying Chalk Paint
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There seems to be a lot of controversy over whether or not spraying chalk paint is a good idea. It’s a great idea.

Isn’t Chalk Paint Too Thick to Spray?

In short yes and no.

Yeah, I know that’s as clear as mud. The truth is all paint even traditional latex paint is too thick out of the can to start spraying right away. You will need to thin any paint to put it through a sprayer that’s why all sprayers come with a viscosity cup to help you make sure your paint is thinned correctly. Most people ignore this completely and jump right into spraying.

That’s why I hear so many people say they hate using a sprayer.

Make sure you use the viscosity cup and thin your paint properly.

Do You Need a Special Sprayer for Chalk Paint?

Heck no!

i have used both the Critter sprayer and the Homeright Sprayer with grate success. I’m confident that I can use any sprayer on the market since they all are basically the same process of using compressed air to spray paint.

My preference is for the Homeright Finishemax sprayer only because it doesn’t require an air compressor. You can plug it into an extension cord and you’re off to the races. Pair it with their spray tent and you’re unstoppable!

Why Should I Spray Chalk Paint?

There are two good answers to that question:

Speed – if you are flipping furniture like I am to sell spraying furniture and accessories is easier when you can work in bulk.  I gather all the pieces I want to spray white, line them up, and in a few passes I have 2, 3, or 10 done in one afternoon.

Smooth – No brush marks! I get asked all the time how to use chalk paint and not see brush strokes. You can roll it or you can spray it. Either way the finish will be smooth and brushmmark free.

Show Me!

If you’re still looking for more details on how to make sure you’re paint is thinned properly the YouTube Video below shows you how to prepare chalk paint to be used with the Finish Max Paint Sprayer, but it will give you a good idea of what needs to be don with other sprayers too!

Check out this videos and make sure you know how to prepare your paint for spraying.