Quick DIY Earring Magnets

Quick DIY Earring Magnets

Remember the 80’s? Everything was better BIGGER. Like earrings.  Check these out.

Green 80's earrings

It’s like I can see these on Susan Sugarbaker with her giant shoulder pads.  Ah, nostalgia! But there is no way I’m putting these monsters on my head anymore, but I hate to see them go to waste. What to do? What to do?

Make magnets of course.  Whose fridge couldn’t use a little bling I ask you!

Take out your trusty pliers and get that clip off the back.

Clip off

So you have a relatively flat back.  There might be a little bump left but this one wasn’t enough to worry about. Sorry this was the best picture I could get because of how shiny the earring was.

Clean back

Then find magnets.  I happened to have some left over from another project that I had completed with my daughter so no extra expense (YAY!) then just slap it one with some E6000 (I love this stuff). Lucky for me the circle were EXACTLY the same size at the back. How lucky was that!

magnet glued on

After I finished these two I got a little magnet happy.  I found more grean jewels at the thrift store for 50% off.  Since they were only 50 cents each I was thrilled.

other jewels

Ignore my paint covered lazy susan. It’s what I use for projects so I can quickly paint all sides and I can easily move my stuff when I need to use the dinning table.  Anyway, I had to fill a little cavity with E6000 on the sparkly green one to get it to stick but it worked out.

filled cavity

Now the fridge is pretty!

finished magnets

I am glad my fridge is black though or you’d see the magnet on this one. But it’s still pretty.

green sparkles