Printed Vintage Hankies

Printed Vintage Hankies

So I scored a bunch of these printed vintage hankies at the thrift store.  They were all bunched up in a zipper bage with one price on it.  I took a chance that there might be one or two that might be usable as fabric on a project.  Boy did I get lucky!

Inside the gallon sized zipper bag were dozens of hankies, in various states.  Some were so damaged they weren’t usable at all Hankie Pillowsbut I did find a handful of printed vintage hankies that had never been used. Score!

We decided to make some pillows out of them to see how they would go.  The tricky part was preserving the scalloped edge on some of them.

I think they turned out great! What do you think? They’re up on Etsy if you see one you love and can’t live without.

Blessings to you all!