Pillar Candle Stick Redo

Pillar Candle Stick Redo

This is one of those pieces that I picked up where there isn’t anything particularly wrong with this pillar, but I thought it could look a little bit better.  Please excuse the painted fingers. Now you know I do my own painting? and I again started painting and then remembered to take photos. I can’t help it I get excited to start a new project. I love all the little details at the bottom so I bought it with the intention of pulling the hooks out and filling them with putty.

At first, I envisioned a more farmhouse look.  I would dry brush the whole thing in white for that pickled finish look.

The hooks on the side of the candle holder close up.
These hooks were speaking to me!

When I got it home the little hooks on the side where telling me something completely different.  They didn’t want to be pulled off (please let us stay, please let us stay).

I still gave the finish a white pickled look, which was part of my original farmhouse vision, by dry brushing in Junk Gypsy Buttermilk Biscuit paint.  Then I hung crystals from it for a more glam look.

Finished candlestick farmhouse glam
Farmhouse Glam

It must have worked because it sold the first day of the sale. It just goes to show sometimes initial ideas need time to mature. I’m glad I didn’t pull the hooks off and go for straight farmhouse. I like the farmhouse glam.