Painting A Water Damaged Surface

Painting A Water Damaged Surface
Painting A Water Damaged Surface
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Painting A Water Damaged Surface takes a little prep work but the results are worth the effort.

We’ve all seen those tables with the tabletops with the finishes wrinkled from water damage. You don’t have to walk past them when you’re out treasure hunting. With a little preparation you can paint over the damage and you’ll never know it was there. Let me show you how.

Water damage from either overzealous plant watering or water rings from glasses can primer for water damage coverageleave the wood very dark in places. These dark spot can be difficult to to cover.

To block those stains (and any unwanted mold or smells that might come up) you want to use a good quality primer. I use Zinsser BIN. This primer stinks and is not healthy to breath so make sure you are working in a well ventilated area or you wear a respirator. Safety first!

I hate sanding but it’s the only way to deal with the wrinkles from water damage. You want to removed any loose stain that might be chipping away and smooth down all the wrinkled areas.

sand the water damage

Make sure you clean the dust off the surface. Use a shop vacuum to removed the bulk of the dust and a damp cloth to clean away and fine particles left behind by the vacuum.

vacuum the dust

Wait until the surface is no longer damp before going onto the next step.

Use a brush (you can use a roller) to put on an even coat of the primer. Cover the entire surface.

paint on the primer

Once the surface is dry you will be able to see if you need a second coat. If any of the dark areas are still showing it will show through the paint.

Once you’re happy with the amount of stain blocking you’re ready for the next step.

paint over the water damage

It’s time to paint! Grab your color and paint as you normally would.

Once you’ve finished painting you’re all set! Your surface should be smooth and unblemished. Best of all you won’t have to worry about any mold or stains popping up through your painted surface.

Before and after water damage repainted

Go out and start rescuing those water damaged tables!

If you want to see how the whole project came together you can watch the video below. Check out my other DIY Tips and Tricks HERE!

Have you ever passed up a water damage piece? If so let me know if the comments below!