Can You Paint Over Chalk Paint?

Can You Paint Over Chalk Paint?

Maybe your paint yellowed, maybe you’re don’t like the finish, maybe you simply don’t like the color. So Can you paint over chalk paint?

When I started using Annie Sloan it was all hearts, stars, and rainbows. I painted everything with chalk paint. After all that’s what it’s known for being able to paint over anything.

Then I ran into my first problem with chalk paint. It yellowed really bad. That was before I figured out why my chalk paint was yellowing. So I either had to cover the yellowed paint or live with it, but can you paint over chalk paint?

How to Paint Over Chalk Paint

The good news is you can cover over chalk paint just like any latex product. And like any other paint you with need to know how to do it correctly.

Here’s what you need to know:

How Was the Paint Protected?

All paint has to have some type of protection or top coat. Some people use wax, some people use a polyacrylic clear coat.

If you’re dealing with a clear coat (you can tell because it will feel like a normal painted surface) then you only have to scuff the surface with sandpaper or a scuff pad and paint over the surface like you would normally paint any other surface.

If you’re looking at a piece that’s covered in wax buckle up because it’s about to get real. If you’re not sure if the surface is waxed or not not run your hand over the surface. Does it feel soft? Not like a normal surface but a little fuzy? When you scratch it with your fingers do you scrape away residue? That’s wax and it takes a little more effort. You will need to clean away all the wax.

To get rid of the wax use mineral spirits and a scuff pad to scrub it away. At least Klean Strip now makes and odorless mineral spirts. Then you will need to clean the whole surface to remove the mineral spirits.

This process is time consuming and a bit of a mess. Sorry it’s the only way to take care of the wax. If you don’t clean it all off you’ll end up with a wax resist which can be pretty if that’s what you’re looking for!

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3 thoughts on “Can You Paint Over Chalk Paint?

  1. Great tips! I love using chalk paint but not everyone feels the same. I have moved away from using clear wax and will use Hemp Oil to seal. I enjoy really your posts and seeing the beautiful items you make to sell.

    1. Thank you! I’m not a wax fan and I never was. I couldn’t understand wanting to rewax over and over. I haven’t tried hemp oil. I will have to try it.

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