My Business in 2020 – Time to Pivot

My Business in 2020 – Time to Pivot
My Business 2020 Time to Pivot
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Did anyone else’s world implode? Maybe? Just a few of you? We are all sitting here confused, sad, angry – all the above at the same time.

I was thinking back on the goals I set for 2020. While my health was on the list of priorities for 2020 I didn’t think that was going to directly translate into, Survive a Pandemic. Who did?

The rest of my goals . . . They’ve all shifted.

Pivot, is a word that I heard the first time when I worked in a corporate environment.  I don’t remember exactly who the speaker was the company brought in to give us that quarter’s pep talk/team building or what book it was referencing.  I’m sure someone out there will know and feel free to comment down below to let everyone know, because it has suddenly become the only word that is resonating with me as I watch what I’ve been carefully building crumble.

So how do I pivot? I don’t know everything I need to do right now but I can tell you I’m glad I didn’t build my business on just one sales arm.  If I wasn’t already selling on Etsy, Ebay, and Poshmark I would be behind the curve right now and way more stressed out than I am right now.

That doesn’t mean if you’re not doing that now that you can’t get there.  You certainly can.  It’s just going to be stressful getting everything up and running.  Do it anyway. It will give you something to work on and take your mind off not being able to sell in person.

In my mind I keep saying the word pivot. Pivot. Pivot.  But I don’t know where that will take me right now. The only thing that follows is a voice in my head that says every time you’ve thought you were at an end you’ve come out the other side better.  And believe me, I’ve had quite a few set backs over the years.

None of us can know what’s coming. We can’t see the full staircase but we can see the first step so that’s what we have to focus on now.

It’s okay to be angry right now.  We all have a lot of that happening right now. Are you noticing how I keep saying right now? At some point I’m going to have to set aside my anger and move forward.  So if you see me making moves and changes in my business in 2020, some could be false starts, and I’m okay with it. It’s all part of the plan to learn where I go from here.

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Many blessings to you!