Learning From The Best Entrepreneurs

Learning From The Best Entrepreneurs

Since my goals for 2019 all revolve around improving my business one of steps toward that goal is educating myself.

Learning from the Best EntrepreneursThroughout this year I will continue to take classes and workshops on improving my skill in all areas of running a business.

Let’s face it most creatives fall down in the business area. I think the only reason my business has stayed afloat as long as it has without a clear direction is due to the years I spent as an accountant.

I’ve always had a curiosity and a passion to learn, so I’ve been binge reading books I think might help me improve my business. I want to share with you as I go in case you are also on a journey to get your business up to speed.

There are so many that I am powering through.  I will be sharing the best with you here and the results I achieve by applying the techniques. Let’s call it an experiment. Y’all know I love to experiment! Let’s see where this advice takes Peony Lane Designs this year.  Come with me!

Many blessing to you all!