Incorporating DIY Into A Baby Shower

Incorporating DIY Into A Baby Shower

Incorporating DIY Into A Baby Shower is a fantastic twist on the same old baby shower!

I can’t take credit for this amazing idea.  No that goes to the woman who shares my name. Kinda.  Well, she spells it wrong. The other Stacie Verdick. I guess she would be my cousin-in-law?  Is that a thing?

She was hosting a shower for her sister-in-law.  My other cousin-in-law? Seriously is that a thing?

Incorporating DIY Into A Baby Shower // baby shower idease // baby shower parties // baby shower games // ideas for baby showersFamily terminology aside, that particular Stacie Verdick is a wonderfully creative person.  Very hands on DIY. She IS the person Pinterest was created for. I’m not kidding.

When we arrived there was a table set up for creating baby headbands in different ages.  So cute!

Each guest was able to pick their own colors and styles, putting their own flair on it.  For instance, my sister had to create a Viking’s themed headband, including an adorable handmade football for the new addition to the family.

Such a simple way to offer the mom to be a wonderful one of a kind personalized gift that they literally could not buy anywhere.  It’s a wonderful reminder of a very special event and all the extraordinary women who came out and made these beautiful accessories for the new addition to our family.

It doesn’t have to be headbands.  How about embellished bibs? With fabric glue and embellishments, guests could go wild.  Or pacifier clips or all of the above. The only limit to the creative things you could make at the shower is your imagination as a host.

Thank you, Stacie, for hosting such a beautiful shower and showing us all how to add a little DIY in our next baby shower.

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Good Luck and Many Blessings!