How to Create An Etsy Listing Using the Etsy Sellers App Step by Step

How to Create An Etsy Listing Using the Etsy Sellers App Step by Step

The Etsy Sellers App is a convenient way to create a new listing while on the go. Taking kids to dance class, running around finding new inventory, we’re all busy and the seller app makes listing on the road convenient. Here’s step by step guide to using the app like a pro!

I wish the Etsy Sellers app was a little more intuitive but it’s not. If you’re not familiar with the app then let me walk you through setting up your first mobile listing!

Etsy Sellers App Step 1

Obviously you will need to download and install the Etsy sellers app. This is a different app than the one you use to shop on Etsy. You will need to have already set up your sellers account using a computer.

Sorry there’s no way around it. Etsy won’t let you set up your sellers account on the app. If you’re just starting out and you want to try Etsy you can use my referral link for 40 free listings. Click the button below to get your free listings.

Etsy selling step 2

Here’s where I wish the app had a plus sign to add a new listing but nope. First you have to click “More” in the lower right hand corner of the app.

Etsy Step 3

At the top Left you will see the listings section. Select listings.

Step 4 Etsy Sellers App

Now in the upper right hand corner is the plus sign we need to create out order! YAY! Finally. Click the plus sign.

step 5

Etsy will want to know who made the item you’re selling. That’s because Etsy only sell handmade and vintage. If you’re like me you’ll select Another company or person.

Step 6

You can also sell craft supplies on Etsy so you will need to tell them what you’re selling a supply or a finished product.

step 7 etsy selling

They will also want to know when what you’re selling was made. If you’re selling vintage this will take a little research on your part.

Etsy Selling app step 8

Picking your category can take a little time. First you pick a general category.

step 9

Once you select your general category the Etsy Selling app will give you more options in that category.

step 10

The app will continue to drill down to narrow the category.

step 11

Finally you can enter your details. Starting with the pictures. Etsy gives you the ability enter 10 photos. Use all 10 spaces. It will elevate your listing over others who might have only 1 or 2 photos. If Etsy give you space for detail try to use all of it.

step 12

You’ll want to use keywords in your title. Then copy your title and add it as the first line of your description. You want to be sure to use keywords to help your Etsy SEO.

step 13

I always set my listings to renew automatically but if you’re not comfortable with that you can manually renew your listings. You do you!

step 14

This step is of course another SEO tip. Use all the tags!! Make sure they are keyword rich so people can find your listing.

step 15

After you’ve done your research on prices (I recommend WorthPoint to help you determine the value of vintage items), it’s time to set your price.

Etsy Sellers App final step

The last step is to publish your new listing.

As you can see using the Etsy Sellers App isn’t too difficult. After you’ve set up a few listings you will be a pro.

If you haven’t yet set up your shop policies make sure you do that! Here’s a post to help you.

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How to Use the Etsy Sellers App to Create a Listing

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