How to Use Modern Masters Rust Patina Oxidizing Paint

How to Use Modern Masters Rust Patina Oxidizing Paint

Oxidizing Paint like Rust Patina Kit from Modern Masters is a simple way to create an aged, rustic look on your furniture and other projects.

I’ve used oxidizing paint in the past to hide weld repairs on an old railroad lantern. The repairs were made using an aluminum solder that stood out bright and shiny. The client came to me wondering if I could paint it to look like rust. I didn’t think paint would blend in with the rest of the lantern no matter how good I might at faux finishes. So I turned to Modern Masters Rust Patina. The welds were perfect after using this product. No one could see were they were.

This was the first time I’ve used Modern Masters Rust Patina to cover a large piece.

The grill Before rust

The piece I’m working with it a fiberglass 1932 Ford reproduction grill that my Dad (we affectionately call him the OG because he’s done it all) is turning into a bluetooth speaker for his garage. He wanted the grill to look like metal and there’s no better way to make something look authentic than to give it a little rust.

What is Modern Masters Rust Patina or an oxidizing paint?

Do you want to give your home or project a rustic look?

Rust Patina is an oxidizing paint that will make any surface look like it has been rusted. This can be used on wood, plastic, fiberglass, and more. It’s easy to use and gives the perfect rust finish every time!

This product will be sure to add character and uniqueness to anything you apply it on. Whether it be a table or chair, Modern Masters Rust Patina will make it stand out from all others!

How to use the Modern Masters Rust Patina

Modern Masters’ rust patina is easy to apply, and there are four steps in getting that perfect finish.


Scuff pad for sanding

1) Lightly sand the surface you want to apply the product to just like you would with any other project you want to paint. I used a scuff pad just to scratch the surface. This gives the paint something to stick to.


Modern Masters Rust Patina Primer

2) Apply the primer included in the kit. I applied it to only the areas that I wanted to look rusty. Or what I thought I wanted to look rusty. Later we decided we wanted more rust.

Wait for the primer to dry. This took approximately 20 minutes for the primer to dry completely.

Paint on the Oxidizing Paint Primer


Modern Masters Rust Patina Iron Paint

3) Now it’s time to paint the oxidizing paint onto the surface. I used a brush but you can apply it with a sponge if you want a more random pattern. Different layers of paint with look more natural so missing a few spots here and there is okay.

Dad decided instead of the light rust patterns I started with he wanted more rust. So I applied the oxidizing paint liberally over the whole surface.

painting the oxidizing paint

Wait for the first coat to dry. Again this took another 20 minutes. Then apply a second coat of paint over the whole surface.

If you’re using a random pattern like I did don’t worry if the second coat misses a few spots. This will give you a more natural effect.


Activator Spray

4) Finally, it’s time to spray the oxidizer. The Modern Masters Rust Patina includes a small spray bottle which makes applying simple.

I did move the project outside before spraying so that the oxidizer didn’t land on anything we didn’t want to rust. I would recommend wearing a dust mask or a respirator too just to be certain you don’t breath in any of the aerosolized liquid. Better safe than sorry!

Spraying on the rust activator

Wait 5 minutes before applying the next coat. When you come back you will see the rust already starting to form. Spray the second coat and walk away.

After 5 minutes

(After 5 Minutes the color has already started to change.)

After about 30 minutes the rust was very pronounced. I started to worry that there might be too much rust. Dad look surprised when he saw it.

A few hours later Dad pronounced it perfect!

After Modern Masters Rust Patina Oxidizing Paint

Tips for using the Oxidizing Paint

See it’s not too difficult to use. I do have a few helpful tips. A few things you should consider before painting.

  • Use disposable brushes – There is metal in the paint and I didn’t want to wash any of it down the drain, so I used disposable brushes to be on the safe side.
  • Protect your surfaces – Like I said above I moved the product outside before I sprayed the oxidizer. Make sure if you’re painting inside you use plastic to protect your surfaces.
  • Protect Your Person – Some of the oxidizing spray on my arm and I broke out into a rash almost immediately. I washed it off but the red bumps took a few hours to go away. I should have been more careful and now you’re smarter than I am.
  • Prop the piece up in the direction you want the rust to streak – When I started to spray the piece, I laid the piece on it’s back. The drips were going the wrong direction so I had to stand it up on end to make sure the drips looked right.

You can watch the full tutorial below or click over to my YouTube Channel.

What Will You Rust?

Modern Masters Rust Patina is the perfect paint if you’re looking to create a vintage, rustic look. It can be used on any surface including fiberglass, wood or metal that needs an aged appearance. If you want something with more character than your average brown stain, this may just be what you are looking for!

What will you use Modern Masters Rust Patina On? Comment below and let me know!

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How to Use Modern Masters Rust Patina Oxidizing Paint