Happy Fathers Day to the One Who Put the Tools in My Hands

Happy Fathers Day to the One Who Put the Tools in My Hands
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There isn’t a time I can remember when my Dad wasn’t building or fixing something.  We didn’t have a lot of money and I remember going to the dump to find furniture for our home.  Now some of you might read that a feel a little sad for me but don’t.  There’s no need.

I learned that just because something is broken or damaged it doesn’t mean it needs to be discarded. With a little care and a lot of love it can be made whole and in some cases better than they were before.  It’s probably why I do what I do today.

Dad had no trouble handing his daughter power tools and putting me to work. He taught me to

Stacy With Her Screw Gun
Stacy With Her Screw Gun

wield a hammer, run a circular saw, and a router with ease.

There was always a project that needed to be done and he was happy to put me to work. One summer we bought a hundred-year-old piano from a school that had about 50 layers of paint on it. He left instructions for me to strip the paint, each day I was supposed to do one piece from wire brushing to the carvings to sanding the flat surfaces. That was my summer project and it kept me out of plenty of trouble.

He approved when I wanted to sign up for woodshop for summer school.  He bought me my first set of real tools, my first sander, and my first screw gun.  He walked me through every project I dragged home (yes, I dragged home “unique” furniture even in high school).

When I decided to start Peony Lane Designs he believed in me like no one else.  He is the person I call when a repair seems insurmountable.  He’s still teaching me.  Together we’ve rescued more furniture than I can remember.

To all the other dads out there, if your daughter shows an interest in what you’re building hand

Empowering My Next Generation of Girls
Empowering My Next Generation of Girls

her the screw gun or the saw. Teach her how to use power tools with confidence.  Show her how to change the oil in the car.  Give her the tools she needs to someday take care of herself.

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to take care of myself and build a business, and of course, imparting me with your devastatingly good looks.

I love you Dad.

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