Getting ready for Junk Bonanza again!

Getting ready for Junk Bonanza again!

It’s time to get ready for the fall Junk Bonanza! Here’s what I’m bringing and how you can join us in September!

Well I guess it wasn’t that long ago since I did the spring Junk Bonanza in April of this year. Now it’s time for the fall show which takes place September 22-24, 2022.

Of course I feel like I’m behind again. To a certain extent I am and then again I’m right on track. After the April Junk Bonanza I was ready to take a deep breath, restock some of what sold and generally focus on my shops (Picket Fence Gals and Vintage Junky) instead of focusing on any more pop-ups this year. I felt like I had plenty of time.

Now I’m less than a month away and scrambling again. Somehow I know it will get done though.

What I’m Bringing to Junk Bonanza!

Oh boy! I’ve been hoarding things that are earmarked as “Junk Bonanza” only items in my inventory. I’ve been cleaning, pricing and packing everything. If you’ve been on my YouTube channel then you’ve seen some of it.

Because it’s fall I have a few spooky items that I’m bringing in so people getting geared up for Halloween will be excited. I have too many creepy babies and the one below my daughter swears is haunted. I haven’t noticed any ghostly activities but it’s going to be tagged as a haunted doll (LOL).

Junk Bonanza Creepy baby
Creepy baby doll headed to Junk Bonanza

She isn’t the only doll and there’s another that when I was buying it a young man said, “It looks like it wants to eat my soul.” I think I have the creepy baby section locked in!

This year I’ve been able to find quite a few amazing vintage cameras include several poloroid camera, some super 8’s and 35 mm cameras. I think I’ll bring my camera lamp to round out the collection!

cameras for junk bonanza
cameras for Junk Bonanza

If you’re a camera collector you will be happy with what I found for you this fall! Junk Bonanza of course has other vendors but you want to see me right away before going anywhere else. 😉

There are always vintage cooking items in my shops and of course I’m bringing them to Junk Bonanza. I cornered the market on vintage Tupperware this year! I think it’s technically called hoarding.

tupperware colanders vintage
Tupperware Colanders for Junk Bonaza

In the spring I was cleaned out of my vintage Tupperware so I went a little crazy collecting Tupperware for the fall. These colanders are coming with and I have an array of canisters, bowls and gadgets for you.

There’s also a hoard of copper cookie cutters coming with me. I found a stash of them at a sale and I’m bought them all. This collection includes a Swedish Dahl horse, Fluer de lis, and of course a bunch of holiday cutters for every holiday there is.

Copper cookie cutters going to JB
Copper cookie cutters

While I didn’t take any pictures yet, I also have a bunch of creepy clowns coming and vintage tools. There seems to be a lot of people looking for tools and odd creepy stuff.

holy water for junk bonanza
Holy Water Bottle

Speaking of odd, I have a bunch of vintage religious pieces. Including the above Holy Water container (I have two) and the Westmoreland milk glass crucifix below. There’s more but to see it all you’ll either have to watch my Instagram reels (follow me while your there) or visit me at Junk Bonanza!

Westmoreland Crucifix milk glass
Westmoreland Crucifix

I wish I could show you everything. There is so much that it’s a little overwhelming as I get ready.

If you’re planning to come out this fall and join us now is the perfect time to get your tickets because early bird savings are amazing! Click the button below to get your tickets!

I’m getting excited and I can’t wait to see everyone again!