Garage Sale Haul!

Garage Sale Haul!

This garage sale haul was not large but it was good!

I love that it’s garage sale season. I find so many treasures that I can re-purpose for bargain basement prices.

If you decide you want to go into business flipping furniture then you’ll will understand that every penny matters. So there’s a big difference between finding a piece of furniture for $5 and $20. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you can only flip a piece for $50 that’s a big chunk of change.

Free is my favorite price (of course) but it I know a piece will sell and that means it has good bones and it will be an easy sell.  The cabinet I found in the video below definitely fit’s that bill. It was small enough for an apartment, a bathroom, an entryway, but had plenty of useful storage space. Win, Win, Win, Win!

In this latest video you will see some of the pieces I scored at a sale near my house.

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