Free Shipping Matters!

Free Shipping Matters!

Free shipping matters! A Lot!

On my YouTube channel I did a video (see below) discussing Etsy’s shipping changes. When they asked shop owners to offer free shipping on items over $35 some sellers got upset.  I took some heat because I said it doesn’t effect me.

I have always included shipping in the price of the items I sell. Because I know how disappointing it can be to find an amazing item and it’s at a great price. Then you click buy and GASP! Shipping is $20?

My reasons for offering free shipping are my own, but my decision was bolstered when I contributed to an article on the subject for Clutch written by Riley Panko.  It’s a wonderfully researched, detailed article which shows that shipping, even as low as $2.99, can make a customer abandon their cart.

Again, free shipping matters!

Buyers are used to Amazon Prime, and Target RED. They don’t want to have to shell out additional costs because they don’t feel like they have to anymore.  Gone are the days of catalogs that gouged people for “handling fees.”

If you’re a re-seller or want to be a re-seller you should read the full article and consider adding shipping to the cost of your items.

For other tips for vintage resellers check out my Etsy Selling Tips!

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