Free Halloween Printable Boo Banner!

Free Halloween Printable Boo Banner!

Looking for a fun project to work on with your kids? How about a free Halloween printable banner?

We had this space that leads into our basement. It used to not bother me but now that we walk down to the family room every day it needed a little something.

This project is an easy and fun way to decorate your home for Halloween. All you need is 5 sheets of paper, a color printer, some twine (I got mine at Dollar Tree), a scissors, and some tape (or glue you choose)!

Step 1: Print


After you download the PDF below you will need to print it on a color printer.  There are 2 PDF’s one for the US standard 8.5×11 and one in A4 format.

Step 2: Cut Out the Triangles

This is one of those projects you can get the kids involved in and mine jumped right in when I took the scissors out. Can I help? Well of course! The print out have cut line and fold lines which are marked on the image. You should cut just inside the dotted line by my craft buddy cut on the line. It’s all good though the banner will still be cute!

Step 3 Measure End

measure the endYou will want to have enough twine on both ends to hang your banner and you’ll want them even. To ensure we have the same amount on each end we wrapped ours around a ruler three times. We’ll do the same on the other end so they’re the same length.


We marked our starting point with a piece of tape so we didn’t lose it!

Step 4:  Fold the Top


I advocated using a ruler to fold along the “fold” line.  My craft buddy hated this process and eventually went rogue.

She decided that she could successfully fold straight freehand. So that’s how she completed the banner. She did great!

Step 5: Tape String to the Flags

STOP! Before you start taping. You have to tape your flags in reverse! So start will the character you want on after the “Boo” for use it was the bat that we wanted on the end so we started with the bat, then it went o – o – B – Then black cat.

Because we didn’t want the mess of gluing the string in place we decided to use tape, but if you want to use glue then you do you!

Tape the the flap over the twine. We used two pieces to make sure the ends didn’t curl up.


We measured 2 inches in between each of our flags so they’re evenly spaced.

Continue taping (again in reverse) until you’re finished.

Step 6: Wrap the End


As promised we wrapped the end 3 times to ensure we have the same length on this end as we did on the other end. You didn’t think we forgot did you?!

Last step Trim the excess way from the flap. If you’re not bothered by it (like ocd me) you can leave it but trimming the edge give it a nice finished look.

Then it’s time to hang your Boo banner!

Free Halloween Printable

So much better! I’ll have to remember to make something for Christmas! Get your free Halloween printable by clicking the appropriate link:

US 8.5 x11

A4 Paper


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Many blessings to you all!