Fixing a Hole in the Side of A Dresser

The Down A Dirty Repair Method

So when I spotted a 1930’s waterfall dresser it was already being perused by two other shoppers. I was contemplating just grabbing the ticket, running to the register, and leaving them with their mouths hanging open. But no I was good. I did the pee pee dance in the corner and waited (and they took so long).

Finally, one of them spotted the dreaded hole in the side panel. That was too much for them. A deal breaker.

No one tell them to read this blog! I can show you (not them 🤪) how to repair the hole the quick way. It’s easy too but again don’t tell them.

If you thinking just fill it with wood filler. Yeah, you can try that but with a hole that goes straight through you’re applying the filler to the bare edges of a 1/4 piece of wood. Maybe it will hold and maybe it will pop out like a cork. I wouldn’t risk it.

Thin piece of woodInstead here’s what you do. Find a piece of paneling or a thin strip of balsa or a thin piece of plywood. Cut the wood with a craft knife slightly larger than the hole. Use paneling adhesive to attach the piece to the inside of the dresser where it will not be seen. Let it panel glueddry completely.

Now it’s at this point that you can use wood filler to complete the repair. The wood filler now has a large surface to adhere to and there no danger of it popping out.

Patched holeSand prime and paint as per usual.

Once the dresser is painted you can even see the repair. See. And the small patch doesn’t interfere with the function of the drawers.  Here’s an image of what the repair looks like on the inside.  This tiny White Mark is the repair

Their loss is my gain!

Stay tuned to see the complete dresser project!