Fastcap GluBot Review

Fastcap GluBot Review

One of my YouTube viewers suggested I try the Fastcap GluBot. I had never heard of the product, but you know me, if it’s new I want to try it. I don’t know how new to the market the GluBot is but it was new to me. Close enough!

Gadgets of any and all kinds are right up my alley. I wish for the world of the Jetsons where my every whim is taken care of at the push of a button. So I keep trying them and the Fastcap GluBot seemed like a gadget to me.

Fastcap glubot

The Fastcap GluBot is a wood glue dispenser that says it won’t drip, or spill. The part I was most curious about was the claim of a clean and clog free tip. I can’t count the times I’ve had to pick glue boogers out of my wood glue caps.

Let’s figure out if it works!

GluBot Filling

Of course the first thing you need to do is to put the glue in the GluBot. I use Gorilla Glue. Just the traditional wood glue not the foaming kind. As I’ve said many times I clean excess glue with my fingers because that’s what I’ve always done. I can’t be trusted with the foaming stuff.

The nice thing about the GluBot was the opening was wide enough so you could leave the bottle standing on it’s own to fill.

The whole kit is supposed to come with 2 tips, an adjustable guide, and a rubber cap. Mine only had 1 tip. The wide tip. I was missing the one they call a yorker tip. Which makes me sad because it’s the small tip which I suspect I would have more uses for.

adjustable guide

The adjustable guide is nice though. You warm it up in hot water to adjust it to the size you need. Though I didn’t use it on the particular project I was working on I can think of many time I could have used it to keep my glue line on target.

The glue came out with very little effort. If you’ve watched my channel you know my Hashimotos makes my hands hurt from time to time so it’s difficult to squeeze the bottle in the glue come in sometimes. The plastic on the GluBot is not as stiff as the bottle plastic and the glue has the added benefit of being pushed from the bottom into the second chamber.

Next Day no clog

The big test was if it clogged. I capped the FastCap GluBot and left it over night. When I came back to it the next day and test it the nozzle was not clogged.

What?! A you mean it actually did what says it does?

I know, I was shocked too. I’m so used to being let down by products. I’m going to keep using the GluBot and if anything happens to change my opinion you know I’ll tell you guys!

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FastCap GluBot Review

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