Making A DIY Oil Diffuser for Essentials Oils and More!

Making A DIY Oil Diffuser for Essentials Oils and More!
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If you want an amazing fragrance for your home try a DIY Oil Diffuser!

I love oil diffusers primarily because the scent is released gently. Unlike a spray, electric oil diffuser, or burning diffusers which dump an overwhelming amount of fragrance into a space. For me that’s a nightmare because I have a hyper-sensitive nose. Heavy perfumes are an assault on my senses and I have to leave.

I don’t think I’m alone.

Customize Your Scent

There is another benefit to making your own oil diffuser is that you can customize your own fragrance.  You can become a perfumer customizing the scent of your home so that when people walk in your home smells like no other home out there!

Great right.

Do you want citrus and mint? Do it. You want floral and spice? Wonderful! Vanilla and apple? Great! Sandalwood and cinnamon? Amazing!

Anything you want you can have. You are not tied to whatever fragrance the air freshener companies decide you should like.

The Supplies

The best part of this project is the cost. It’s so cheap to make your own oil diffuser. Most of the supplies are available at the grocery store.

You’ll Need:

  • A bottle – Plain or pretty, it’s your choice. The only requirement is it needs to have a skinny neck. So wider at the bottom and narrow at the top.
  • Fragrances – You can use essential oils, fragrance oils and even extracts (yes, the ones in the baking isle).
  • Bamboo skewers – I purchased these at my Dollar Tree but they are usually available at large grocery stores in the same isle where they sell kitchen utensils.
  • Carrier oil – These are your bases oils that fill up the majority of the bottle. A good carrier oil will have no or low smell.  If the oil has a distinct smell if will effect the smell of your fragrances. Here are my top 3:
    1. Avocado oil – I smell nothing when I stick my nose in a bottle of avocado oil
    2. Safflower oil – It’s a close second to avocado oil
    3. Sweet almond oil – This is a low odor one, but as you would expect it has the scent of almonds

Some people will tell you to put a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol in the mix as well. This helps the oils wick up faster. I don’t use it because I can smell it (remember hyper-sensitive sense of smell). If you’re not bothered by the smell and you want your oils to wick up faster then use a tablespoon of oil.

Time to Assemble Your DIY Oil Diffuser

To mix your oil diffuser measure 1/4 cup of carrier oil and 10 to 12 drops of oils. Or more. It’s your fragrance so you control how strong it is. Mix it directly in a measuring cup so you can pour it directly into your bottle without a funnel.

I should say add the alcohol if your want it to wick faster. I’m not going to but you can.

Pour the oil into your bottle and then add your bamboo skewers.

That’s it really. It couldn’t be simpler.  All the carrier oils have multiple uses. Avocado is fantastic for cooking. You can read about 9 health benefits of avocado oil here. Safflower oil is also great for cooking and it also wonderful for health and beauty. Sweet Almond Oil is loaded with vitamin E and has loads of uses. That’s why I say this oil diffuser costs pennies to make since you only need a quarter of a cup.

If you want more easy and cheap DIY’s check out my other blog posts!  If you still have questions about making oil diffusers you can watch the video below.