Using Copper Spray Paint on Home Decor

Using Copper Spray Paint on Home Decor

Most of us have a favorite metal that we like to use to update home decor. For me copper spray paint is my go to warm up any room!

For some it’s oil rubbed bronze, gold, silver, brushed nickel, but for me it’s copper. I’m so in love with copper that I painted an accent wall in my Livingroom copper.

What is The Best Copper Spray Paint?

This is a hot topic for a lot of people. Which copper spray paint is the best? I’ve tried most of them and I have a few favorites like Krylon’s Brilliant Metallic, Rust-Oleum Metallic Copper, Rust-Oleum Universal Hammered Copper, and of course the Montana Copper is to die for! Today I’m using Valspar Metallic Copper which is beautiful and has a great textured feel.

Valspar Metallic Copper Spray Paint

They all have their own merits and color variations. You need to decide on which one you aesthetically like best. The quality of all are very good.

Let’s Spray Paint Some Copper!

I wanted to do a quick update on this candle stand. It’s been this dirty off white for a long time. It’s not the original color of this piece so it’s been updated once before but not by me. Now it was my turn to give it an update.

Candle holder that needs an update

I made sure the entire surface was clean before I started. I always like to start with my spray paint projects upside down if I can. This is because I want the top, the part that everyone sees, to be perfect. If there are any drips while spraying the underside I can clean them away from the top before spraying the visible side.

Then it was time to spray. One of the things I like about the Valspar paint is the cap is built onto the can. You just twist it in place to spray, which is nice when you’re spraying on a really windy day. I can’t tell you how many caps I’ve had to chase across the yard!

It also has a comfortable spray head so you can spray for a long time without hurting your fingers.

Comfort grip spray

As you can see there was some spitting from this can. I should have started off the project and then swept across the project. That mistake was on me. It’s a good thing I started on the underside!

Once the bottom was dry I flipped the candle holder over and painted the other side. The hardest part was getting in all the nooks and crannies on this piece.

after the copper spray paint

So much better in the copper. I love how warm of a metallic copper is. Just the right amount of shine.

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