Christmas For Free December Update

Christmas For Free December Update

This post includes affiliate links and referral codes (A lot of them)Christmas For Free Monthly Progress

You can read the original post for this experiment HERE to find out why I’m trying this.

Well, the holidays are finally over!  Sorry, this post is a little late but wow!  I stepped on a banana peel in November and skidded right through the New Year.

So I did have to become a receipt harpy as I predicted. The hubby is the one who frequently picks up milk and bread.  You guessed it NO receipt.  He’s learning.  I also forgot to scan a couple and when I finally did I had missed some of the deadlines. Boo for me!

This month’s earning from the apps are a little higher than last months thanks to Christmas shopping through Groupon and of course Christmas grocery shopping.  Here’s how it shakes down:

Receipt Hog December


Receipt Hog is now up to 739 coins and as you can see by the bar at the top. I’m about to go to Level 14 which will give me 150 bonus coins.


Shopkicks for December

Shopkicks is still like playing Pokemon! They had a fantastic deal where you got tons of bonus points on Black Friday but since I refuse to leave my house on Black Friday I didn’t get any of them.  I’m now up to 1,446 so I’ve earned a $5 Target gift card already but I’m not cashing it in yet so I can earn higher dollar amounts.  The best part is you don’t even have to make a purchase to earn these.  So this was $5 free just for going to Target and Walgreen and scanning some items while I’m shopping.  SCORE!  Don’t forget to use my referral code if you sign up and we both get 250 points. Referal Code: SAVE725778



Fetch Rewards December

Fetch Rewards is now at 4,464.  Love this app.  Every grocery receipt is a chance to earn points.  WARNING!!! Watch the points they give you.  I don’t really pay that much attention to the brands they offer but I did notice that Knorr sides were bonus items at one point and I had purchased a few on a 10 for $10 deals but Fetch didn’t give me the bonus points.  Luckily when you view your receipt you can click the “correct my receipt” button and let them know of the error.  They fixed it pretty quick (within a day).  It just happened again on an Ore-Ida potatoes bonus so it pays to pay attention.  If you sign up don’t forget to use my referral code and we both get 1,500 points!  Referal Code GB0QJ

Checkout 51 December Total

Checkout 51 is now at $9.20 cash.  There were a lot of items I could have redeemed except they were store specific which is annoying because they weren’t at Target which is where I was shopping and I didn’t want to shop at two separate places to get the cash back.  Still earned a little bit.  I don’t get anything if you sign up but it’s still a great program.

December Ibotta EarningsIbotta earnings for December is $11.55, which I have to say was wildly disappointing.  This has been my top earning app so I was surprised at how little they had in December that I would be purchasing.  I expected the total to be higher but it is what it is. Maybe January will be better   What I get from you clicking the link $5 what you get for  clicking this link $10

Savings Star December



Savings Star is at $1.50.  I didn’t expect that much from them since their brands are more limited.  This was more than I anticipated so score!  I get nothing if you sign up but they’re great so sign up anyway!


Ebates December Earnings

Ebates for December is up to $10.41 thanks to some gifts purchased on Groupon through the site and a lovely early gift card from my Mom & Dad to buy some new clothes (thanks, Mom and Dad!).  If you sign up through my link you will get a $15 bonus (after you spend $25) and I will get $10. Woo Hoo!

[su_heading size=”15″]Other Programs[/su_heading]

Kelloggs Family Rewards  Thanks to their 25 days of Christmas bonuses I now have 16,998 points.  I use these to get my Christmas cards for FREE and photo books I use as gifts. I get nothing if you sign up but it’s SOOOO worth signing up.

Walgreens Balance Rewards I now have a $3 reward available to buy stocking stuffers and other things next Christmas.  All from prescriptions.

So to sum up a total of $31.25 to date toward 2018’s Christmas bill!!!