But I’ve Always Done It This Way! Trying Tite Chair

But I’ve Always Done It This Way! Trying Tite Chair

I should have tried Tite Chair sooner!

When I learned to repair furniture there was one way to fix a wobbly chair. That one way was to disassemble the chair and re-glue the whole chair together.  If there were screws you filled the hole with a dowel and re-screwed everything back together.

It’s how it’s done. It’s how it’s always been done. To be honest it’s why I pass on a lot of pieces or cut them apart to make something else. Because the effort it takes to pull apart a whole chair and put it back together can be overwhelming.

Then I was clued in to a product called Tite Chairs. No this is not a sponsored post and I make nothing if you go buy Tite Chairthis product. This isn’t even about the product, I promise , so just stay with me.

I was told that it could be squirted into the loose joints and it would fix the problem.

“Can’t be!” I said.

‘‘tis true!” They proclaimed.

Okay, that is enough of me being literary.

I really didn’t believe it though and I was reticent to try it.  Why? Because that’s not how we do it.

How we do it is hard and painstaking. You can’t just squirt something that looks suspiciously like super glue into the joints and everything will be fine! We don’t do that. It’s not done.

And I resisted. For a long time. I still don’t know why when faced with something that could make life a tiny bit easier, faster, better we resist. We’ve always done it that way is like a mantra to inefficiency. Why are we so afraid to try a new way of doing things?

I bet you know about six different routes to get to your job in the morning, but every day you drive the same path unless there’s an accident or some other reason to deviate. Why? Why not mix things up and drive a different route every day?

Why was I so hesitant to try an inexpensive product that could save me time?

I finally broke down and tried Tite Chair on the spindles of a farm chair I didn’t have the time or energy to take a part. You know what? It works, and I kick myself for being so stubborn.

That’s what started me thinking (that and lots of time alone) that I need to challenge some of my preconceived notions of how things should be done.

Being stuck in my ways doesn’t fit in to the life I want to build for myself. I want to be flexible and open to new ideas. Tomorrow I think I’m going to take a new road to an old destination. Just because I can. Who knows maybe I’ll find something wonderful along the way.

Many blessings to you!


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