The best warm gray paint color is Magic Gray!

The best warm gray paint color is Magic Gray!

It’s official the best warm gray paint color is the magic gray that I discovered on the oops paint rack at Menards. If you’ve been watching my YouTube channel then you’ve seen me use this paint on a bunch of different furniture pieces and like magic they all sell. 

When I post photos of these pieces I’ve had people call the color green, brown, greige, and of course gray. I guess it has a hint of all those colors and depending on what you pair it with the color seems to change.

What is warm gray paint?

Warm gray paint refers to a shade of gray with undertones of warm colors such as brown, beige, or yellow. Which explains all the color confusion.

This type of gray creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. I know because I painted my spare bedroom with the magic gray this past fall. That’s where the paint came into my life initially. You can see how even though the carpet is beige the gray fits right in.

When we finished painting the room there was a lot left over and I never let paint go to waste. Interior/exterior it doesn’t matter I’m going to use it on furniture. So the next time I wanted a neutral I grabbed this gray. 

The best warm gray on the walls
How this gray looks on my spare room walls.

To date I’ve painted a hutch, a trunk, a night stand, a drum table, a bookshelf, corbels and most recently an entry table with this gray. All except the corbels and the entry table have sold. The entryway table just went into the shop this week so it hasn’t had time to sell as of the writing of this post.

Magic Gray on a hutch
The Magic Gray on a hutch in the shop.

So viewers have been begging me to tell them what color the magic gray is.

Warm gray on a table
The most recent table with Magic Gray on it.

Here’s the problem. The paint I bought didn’t have a color name. Worse yet, it had four separate color labels on it; 2 on the top and 2 on the side. I had never seen that before.

two of The original labels
Two labels on the side

Undaunted, I soldiered to the store that mixed the paint with pictures of the top labels and the side labels to see if they had any insight into what color this was.

Two two of The original labels on top

“It’s definitely a custom color,” The girl told me. “They must have tried to match a color. The first and second labels were created in one month and the third and forth labels were created a month later.”

So, how do we get the color we’re looking for? She said the only thing we could do is calculate all the colors they added to the mix and mix that, assuming they added those colors, in those quantities each time a label was created.

Fingers crossed that she was right.

She wrote all the colors and started adding. “Was this a really dark gray?”

It was a darker gray. And definitely a warm gray.

“Well, this is definitely a custom mix now,” She said.

“Really?” I said. “Does that mean I get to name it?”

She said I could name it. I bet you can’t guess what I named it. Yep. Magic Gray it is now officially called!

Okay, you’ve waited long enough. Below is an image of the mix on the can.  I had this mixed in Grand Distinctions exterior flat because that’s what I originally had and I wanted to be sure to get the exact same color.  

Magic Gray Color Mix

Notice the name Magic Gray forever!

The girl at the store said I can have this mixed in any brand or sheen I want though, so you do you. Keep in mind the sheen might make the color look a little different because of how the light will play on it.

This mix quantity is for a gallon. They should be able to determine how much you would need for a quart going forward. We had to mix a gallon to be sure the ratios were right. After this I’ll probably get a quart at a time.

Use it and let me know if you have success with this gray. I’ve been pairing my projects with natural tops and people seem to love the combo.

Magic gray on a trunk with a natural top
Magic gray on a trunk with a natural top

What colors does warm gray pair with best?

Next I think I’m going to play with painting chairs and see what I can do with Magic Gray when combined with a vibrant upholstery.

Warm gray paint colors pair well with a variety of colors, including neutrals like off-white, beige, and taupe, which complement warm gray and enhance its warm and cozy feel. Blues like baby blue and powder blue provide a calming and peaceful atmosphere, while greens like sage and olive bring a touch of nature to the space. Pinks and corals add a pop of warmth and playfulness, and pairing warm gray with natural elements like wood and natural fibers, such as linen or wool, adds to the room’s overall comfort and coziness.

Maybe I’ll try a layered paint look with it or combine Magic Gray on the body of a piece and a different color on the drawers.This warm gray paint is a versatile and timeless color that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.

What I know is that I’ll be using this paint a lot, because I have another gallon to burn through (LOL). Hopefully, it keeps being a good seller for me. I hope it’s a good seller for you too.

Save this post and share it with your friends and family who are also looking for a warm gray paint color. Let’s spread the magic of this amazing color together! So, what are you waiting for? Hit the save and share buttons now! And as long at you’re here don’t forget to check out my post on Upcycling Unwanted Artwork!

The Best warm gray paint is Magic Gray
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