Auction and Goodwill Outlet Haul 2019

Auction and Goodwill Outlet Haul 2019

If you haven’t been to a Goodwill Outlet it’s an experience! See my Auction and Goodwill Outlet haul in the video below.

This was the second time I’d gone to a Goodwill Outlet. This time I took the OG (Old Guy – AKA Dad) and he was amazed!

If you’ve never been to the Goodwill outlet they weight your purchases. They then charge you by the pound for what you find. Also know as “The Bins” it’s where those in the junkin’ know go to score DEEP discounts.

It’s a complete mad house. While we were at this particular location two women broke into a fight over something that was in a clothing bin. You can find designer clothing in the bins and a lot of clothing resellers line up all day long to find the best pieces (some still with tags).

Lucky for me I was on the outer edge of the melee where the home goods are. I think there aren’t many of us vintage home resellers there because home goods are not treated gently by the workers.  The dump boxes of glass into the bins and if you find pieces intact you are luck!

I was luck and I came away with a Goodwill Outlet Haul!


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