An Endtable Finally In Harmony

An Endtable Finally In Harmony

This one made me want to throw it in the firepit. I kid you not. About halfway through I regretted The navy blue table before.spending the $5 to buy this beast.

Yep, it was only $5 and I thought great! A quick flip. Ha! Ha! Ha! Wrong again you silly, silly woman.

The navy blue paint that was covering this piece Close up of gummy paint was some kind of rubberized paint. I’ve never encountered it before and I hope to never see it again.  It gummed up the sandpaper in seconds and when it did come off it peeled off in chunks.

I find the person who put it on this table I might lose my mind and hurt them it was so awful.

Sorry, I’m still recovering. I may need therapy.

Anyway, it was $5 and I thought it would be cute

if I could bring it back to life. The delicate legs. The inlaid top. There were a lot redeeming features in addition to the price.

I decided to spray paint this one a flat white. And again I started upside down. If there’s one thing I hope everyone who reads my blog and wants to

This is what not to do on the legs. Please paint the underside of your tables
This is what not to do on the legs. Please paint the underside of your tables!

learn to flip furniture takes away is to paint the underside of your pieces.  It just makes your pieces look so much more professional.

I knew I wanted to decoupage the inlaid portion since it was already a paper inlay. Of course, thenThe Degas print laid out. I had some options. I’d found a Degas art book with pull out posters that were the perfect size to fill the top, but I was concerned the crease would be too noticeable.

Finally, I opted for 1930’s sheet music. They were The sheet music topperfect! Wonderfully aged with that perfect brownish/yellow color on it. Since the sheet music wasn’t the same size as the top I had to create a layout I liked.  There’s no science to that just rearrange until you like what you see.

And since this was the table from h**l the decoupage bubbled, refused to stick, and bubbled some more. I cried,  drank a glass of wine, and called in reinforcements (aka the husband).  My hubby is an artist so he’s used to solving creative problems.

He literally had to cut the sheet music along the music lines and massage the glue into the cuts. When the decoupage glue dried it laid down nice. Thank you to the hubby for saving my Butt because I was ready to burn it.

After the glue dried (I left it for 2 days to be sure), I clear coated the top. To be sure that the paper wouldn’t come up or be damaged by a sweaty glass I did about 10 coats of clear.  I used Junk Gypsy Matte Clear Coat so the top wouldn’t be shiny.

Then I polished the brass hardware, distressed the white a bit, and put the whole thing back together again.

Now I think it’s pretty again. To be honest, I hope is sells fast because I’m still holding a grudge.