5 Things I Wish I Knew About Selling on Etsy Before I Started

Selling on Etsy can be quite daunting and hindsight certainly is 20/20 vision.  That’s the benefit of looking back is you can see all the things you didn’t know.  I literally knew nothing about selling on Etsy when I started.

I was under the delusional impression that I would figure out everything I would need to know as I went along. Not surprisingly, I also believed that what I didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me.

Well, I was right about figuring it out as I went along. With every stumble and set back I learned. Some of the lessons were hard.

But I was so wrong about it wouldn’t hurt me.  I imagine I lost out on a lot of sales because of what I didn’t know.  If you’re starting on Etsy let me help you get a leg up straight out of the gate.

5 Things About Etsy I wish I knew before starting

I’ve written a few articles on Selling on Etsy that I hope have loads of helpful tips for you. So if you’re looking for more information check them out HERE. If you can learn from my mistakes then I will feel like all my struggles were worth it.

If you’ve already started your Etsy shop what are some of the things you wish you’d known when you started?  Comment down below and let me know what it was. Maybe we can all help each other make this journey to entrepreneurship a lot less scary.

I posted on Etsy every day for a month. Find out what happened.


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