Why We Buy – A Review

Why We Buy – A Review

Okay, so admitting I just powered through a book about selling is a little embarrassing but if you want to go into a retail business (which I am in) and be a success you HAVE to read this book. Why We Buy The Science of Shopping (I bought the updated and Revised Audio edition) by Paco Underhill has been a perennial seller for a very good reason.

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Going into the book I knew about things like most people turn to the right when they enter a store in America. I had heard that one before but I didn’t know about things like the runway, or the butt brush. Let me tell you these two little facts from the book made me sit up and take notice. My space in the retails store I’m in had both of these issues, which I realize might be why my sales took a noticeable dip when I switched booth spaces. Lucky for me Paco had advice on how to fix that issues I was having and my sales are starting to turn around.

I will definitely be listening to this audiobook again. It was packed with so much information that It was hard to glean it all in one reading. I did latch on to some key factors that helped me right away with improving my sales but I think I need to hear it again and take better notes so I can really get a grasp on what makes shoppers stop and browse.

Who knew that there was a whole industry dedicated to figuring this stuff out. Paco revealed that you could be observed and studied without you even noticing.

Unlocking the key to why people buy is essential for anyone who has a retail space. Get a copy of this book and read it with a notebook in hand. Start applying the principals in this book immediately especially if you’re struggling with sales. The fix could be as simple as adding a large mirror or shiny objects to your space. No lie. I added a mirror as suggested in the book and it drew people into my space immediately. Why? Because people like to see themselves in mirrors. That the only spoiler I’m giving you from this book because I think it’s too valuable to just get the cliff notes version.

Tip: If you’re getting a used copy make sure it’s a recent edition used copy so you get all of Paco’s wisdom on selling online as well. You don’t want to get a dated copy with outdated advice.

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