What Sold In July 2021 in My Vintage Shop

What Sold In July 2021 in My Vintage Shop

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since the last what sold post but here we are again! Here’s what sold in July from my two booths and my one porch space at Picket Fence Gals.

Okay before we dive into what sold I have a huge caveat for you. If you’re planning to sell vintage you will need to figure out what sells in your area. I learned that lesson the hard way when I started I was modeling my booth on a blogger who had a booth in Seattle. You know what Seattle and Minnesota have in common?

Not a darn thing.

With that being said, you should look at successful retailers closer to home to see what’s selling in your area. Also, learn the pricing in your area.

Alright on with the show!

What Sold in July 2021

What Sold in July 2021

I know there were a lot of people invested in that bench! If you’ve been watching the YouTube channel then you saw me pick up the bright blue bench that needed a makeover. It looked great in the booth and I was hoping it would sell right away but it didn’t sell until Sunday when everything is on sale for 10% off. So this lucky shopper scored a deal for $71.10.

extra large corbels sold in july

These two corbel’s surprised me. I thought for our area the price was going to be too high. But because I bought these from a wholesale company, I didn’t have a choice but to put a steep price on them. They both sold on the same day.

Lamps Sold in July

These two lamps were new and I purchased them at the same garage sale for $4 each. That was a nice and easy flip. To be honest I don’t get a lot of things like this, so it was nice to just make a profit without any work.

100 Projects 100 Days Challenge Pieces

Copper candy dish sold

Yay! Some pieces from the 100 Projects 100 Days challenge have sold! This copper candy dish had been in my to be finished project pile for so long I’m calling this $8 a huge win. Not a huge profit but just knowing I will never see this thing again is a good feeling.

Handmade Sales!

Cutting Board Sold

I made a few of these cutting boards and only two sold. One was a large and one was a small. This one was sold to another vendor who thought these boards were going to be a hot ticket item. Turns out she was the only one who felt that way.

My Etsy Shop

There’s More!

If you want to see a full accounting of what sold, click on the video below!

See Everything that Sold Here

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