Top 10 Tools of the Furniture Flipping Trade for 2020

Top 10 Tools of the Furniture Flipping Trade for 2020

If you’ve watched my videos long enough then you’ve seen a lot of the tools I use on a regular basis, but every year the tools of the furniture flipping trade evolve. New tools come out, new products make life as a furniture flipper just that much easier.

Here are my top 10 tools of the furniture flipping trade for 2020.

Top Ten Tools of the Furniture Flipping Trade

  1. Zinsser B-I-N Primer – This is one of the best primers on the market. It is shellac based so it covers stains and blocks odors. Buy a gallon and keep it on hand because you’re going to need it!  
  2. Purdy 144153320 XL Series Cub Angular Trim Paint Brush, 2 inch – I LOVE THIS BRUSH! It has a short handle so you can fit in tight spaces like the inside of bookshelves. It fits perfectly in my hand. Purdy brushes last FOREVER if you take care of them. They hold a lot of paint which makes painting a breeze. 
  3. 4” Mini Roller – Rollers make painting flat surfaces like the outside of cabinets fast and easy. I like foam rollers and the 4 inch size is perfect for furniture flipping because it’s small enough to fit tight spaces but large enough to get the work done quickly.
  4. Wonderlokking Tite Chairs, Adhesive for Chair Joint and Furniture Repair – This is a life saver! If you’ve ever had a  piece that is slightly wobbly and you don’t want to pull the whole thing apart and reglue it you’re going to LOVE this product. It gets in the joints and hold like crazy!  I don’t ever want to run out of this stuff!
  5. J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty Stick – Sandable, and drillable! This is what I use when there’s a loose cabinet knob that I have to fill the drawer pull hole. It’s so much better than wood filler in this situation. The epoxy dries hard as a rock and holds onto the wood round it.
  6. Un-Du Adhesive and Label Remover – I can’t do my job without this stuff. Those nasty thrift store price labels that just won’t come off don’t stand a chance against Un-Du. It even works to remove labels from paper without damaging the paper at all. 
  7. Scuff Pads – Of course you need sandpaper but scuff pads are great when you just need to scratch a surface to give paint something to bite into.  
  8. Restor-A-Finish – After seeing this work on my buffet I’m keeping it close at hand for those pieces that don’t really need a full paint job just a little touch up to look their best.
  9. Gorilla Waterproof Wood Glue – This is the non-foaming wood glue from gorilla glue. I prefer it to the foaming kind.
  10. BLACK+DECKER Electric Sander, 1/4-Inch Sheet – I can’t live without it. I lost my dust collector years ago but I still have to have my sander. It make quick work out of loose paint and rough spots. This is a time saving must! 

Those are my top 10 Tools of the Furniture Flipping trade for 2020. What are your favorite tools that I must try? Let me know in the comments below!

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