Things I Learned from Grandma

Things I Learned from Grandma

Growing up my Grandma was very dear to me.  When she passed away a few years ago it crushed me to think that I would never see her again.  Just recently I realized how much I do around my house is because of what I learned from my grandmother.

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Not long after she passed, I texted my sister and said I was having a grandma moment. She understood what I meant complete.  It’s one of those moments when we realize we are doing something exaction the way or for the reasons Grandma did.

Her lessons were sometimes unintentional but always practical. She grew up during the depression so most of her lesson were those of economy and usefulness.

Here are some of the favorite lessons I accumulated from her:

  • The Juice Just Comes

This bit of wisdom was a canning lesson turned life lesson.  We were canning tomatoes and I, in my ignorance, asked her when she was going to add juice to the jar. She looked confused for a moment and then replied, “The juice just comes.” This phrase has taken on a new meaning for me and my sister.  Now if one of us is stressed or worried we tell each other, “The juice just comes.” and we know everything will be okay.

  • When I doubt scrub it out

From dishes to laundry she was never a pre-treat and hope for the best gal.  No, if there was a chance that mess might not be completely washed away by the dishwasher or washing machine, she would scrub whatever offending spot was there until it wasn’t and then she washed it.  This has saved many a garment in my life I’m sure.  I still scrub and then soak before I wash if I have any suspicion there might be a stain.

  • Put it Outside

Fresh air and sunshine was the cure for everything from musty smells to cranky children. I still stand by this theroy.  I love hanging my blankets and rugs out in the spring.  It makes the whole house smell and feel refreshed after a long winter. Oh, and my daughter always benefits from this rule.

  • Close the Drapes & Open the Drapes

Grandma literally followed the sun. She would close or open curtains based one the season and the position of the sun.  In the summer she would close the curtains on the side of the house that was the sunniest and open them on the side that was in the shade to keep the house cool. In the winter the opposite was true. She opened the curtains on the sunny side to help heat up the house.  I still wander around my house throughout the day closing and open drapes just as grandma did.

  • Fresh is Always Best

She gardened, baked, and cooked all with fresh veggies from the garden and chickens right off the farm.  Though I can’t garden, no that’s a lie, I hate to garden, but I know where the farmers market is and I bake like a champ. My whole family loves freshly baked bread and an amazing roast chicken with fresh veggies. Nothing better.