The Truth About Top 10 Flip Lists

The Truth About Top 10 Flip Lists

You and I are both obsessed with Pinterest.  Don’t try to deny it! It’s one of the greatest sources of inspiration. So many creative people out there! So many Top 10 Flip Lists!

Top 10 Flip Lists
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After you spend a little while browsing Pinterest starts to suggest content it thinks you will want to see. Lately I’ve been seeing these headlines:

Top 10 Furniture Pieces to Flip for Profit

Top 10 Thrift store finds to Flip for Profit

I know why everyone is creating these posts. Because they grab your attention.

The truth however is picking piece to flip is Flip is hit and miss.  Every piece you pick up is a total crap shoot and can vary greatly depending on where in the world you are located.

for instance if your selling in a large city where apartments are the norm you probably don’t want to pick up large heavy items.  No on wants to carry large heavy piece up stairs or wedge them into elevators.

If you’re in a rural area ultra modern probably isn’t your best bet.

What I choose has to be something I like because ultimately if it doesn’t sell, I own it. I have to live with it.  

So the next time you’re on Pinterest and you see a top ten list take it with a grain of salt and not as a must list. Instead trust your instincts and know your market.

If you’re looking for tips on furniture flipping check out my DIY Tips and Tricks posts. There’s great information about cleaning stained upholstery when you find those great upholstered pieces, painting, and more. And there are no Top 10 Flip Lists to be found anywhere. 😉

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Top 10 Flip Lists

  1. Laughing at choose something I like…because ultimately I own it! Hahaha… okay, I know what you’re thinking. Is she a crazy stalker lady? Or is she really just interested in all my posting platforms?
    That’s not it.
    I don’t do Facebook so no worries there… I may or may not be stalking you!

  2. Unlike speed limit signs… Top 10 lists are more like ‘suggestions’… at least that is what I tell myself. I could tell some stories about road signs! I haven’t branched out into furniture flipping yet… so no experience there!

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