Staycation Tips 2020 – Even if you live in an Apartment

Staycation Tips 2020 – Even if you live in an Apartment
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There are so many reason you might be exploring a staycation in 2020, maybe you’re in lock down, maybe your essential and can’t get time off for a long trip away, or you’re worried about traveling in a pandemic for health reasons.  Whatever the reason is (and they’re all valid btw) here are some tips for making your 2020 staycation  amazing!

I want you to know that I am aware of how fortunate I am to live in the country during this pandemic.  Since my daughter has asthma we are avoiding travel and groups in general. Our staycation can venture out into the back yard but even if you don’t have a large yard here are some staycation tips for 2020 that will make your kids want to stay inside!


Project a Movie – We did this a few years ago.  We picked up a projector from Amazon and projected the Star Wars original trilogy against my husband’s shop. You don’t need a shop wall just a projectorwall or a sheet to project on. Grab some popcorn and a soda and you’re off to the races! Pick something the whole family will love. We’ve also done Back to the Future Marathons too.

Camp in the Living Room – whether you build a fort or actually pitch a tent kids love it when you camp even if it’s in the living room.  We picked up a 2 person tent last summer for my husband and daughter to camp in the yard.  At the beginning of the pandemic we pitched it in the living room.  It’s still up in my daughter’s bedroom  so she’s been sleeping in it for three months. Needless to say it was a hit.

S’mores over a candle bonfire (or over the gas burner) – If you’re going to do this one make sure the candles your use are 1) unscented & 2) don’t have metal wicks like these pillar candles with 100% cotton wicks. Set them up on the table, grab some skewers and have yourself a wonderful s’more treat!

Make Your Own Pizza’s – This is a family favorite in out house. None of us like the same pizza so ordering a pizza is always a compromise for someone. When you make your own pizza’s no one maker your own pizzahas to compromise.  The easiest way to to pick up the mini pre-made pizza crusts at Target, then load up the toppings with whatever your family enjoys. You can also make french bread pizza if you want to surprise the kids with something a little different. Make your own pizza night will be a huge hit. I promise.

Root Beer Floats

Root Beer Floats (or Coke) – What you’ve never made a float at home! Now’s the time. We always stop at A&W’s we see on our travels. It’s one of those rights of summer. A frosty mug of root beer. If you’re not a fan of Root Beer (like me) you can make a Coca-Cola® Float instead. Either way it’s a happy day.

Shut of the TV and break out the games! – One of the things I love about vacation is normally we’re in an area that doesn’t have great cellular service or great TV (though most resorts are getting wifi now). Family game night is a treasure that should be experienced all year round and not just on vacation. Wait until you see how competitive it’s gets.

Scavenger Hunt – This was one my kid came up with.  She borrowed my phone and went around taking pictures in extreme close up.  She put them in a grid in google docs and sent them to us. Believe me even things you see every day aren’t recognizable in extreme close up.

historical markers
Visit History

Visit A Local Historical Markers – Okay, I LOVE historical markers.  They are sometime hidden on the side of roads in the middle of nowhere. If I see them coming up I always alert whoever is with me that we need to stop.  I’ve learned so many things about my state this way. The nice thing is rarely, if ever, are there crowds so you can get out of the house, see some sites and learn a little history along the way.  Check out the Historical Marker Database. Though not complete it does have a good list to start you out.

Art Camp at Home – If your children are at all creative then you should have an art camp at home! Double bonus you can use the creations as holiday and birthday presents for the family! Grab some air dry clay and see who can make the best vase or sculpture. Or do a little rock painting for amazing paperweights or garden decor! Or pick up some mini canvases and bring out your inner Picasso!

Minecraft Build Off – Your kids are in there all the time anyway so why not join them? Set up your own account and have a family build off.  There might be a learning curve but this is a game that kids build in so Mom and Dad up and get in there!

Indoor Campfire Ghost Stories! – This was my daughter’s brain child when she found out you could buy bulbs that look like a flame. All you need is a short lamp base like this one from Licperron to hold the flame bulb place it on the floor and then cuddle up to tell ghost stories. Don’t know any good camp stories check out this Campfire Stories for Kids from Ultimate Camp Resources.

living room campfire
Getting Silly Will Make Your Staycation Memorable

I’m sure there are a ton more fun ideas you can think of if you try. Don’t forget to inject a little silliness into whatever you do on your staycation.  Your kids will remember the fun and not the fact that they didn’t go to a fancy resort. In the end all they really want is some time with you to have fun. Even if it’s just jumping through the sprinklers.