Sometimes I Can’t Get It Done

Sometimes I Can’t Get It Done

Oh boy! It’s been one of those weeks. Yeah I know it’s only Tuesday but . . .

I had planned to have a brilliant post for you today. ThT clearly didn’t happen. Just one of the many things that have not gotten done.

The new booth isn’t done either.

It actually started last week when Fluffy the Wonder Van didn’t start (again). So my schedule was adjusted to accommodate but that meant cutting into my time I needed for other things like getting my new booth readying.

No problem! I’ll catch up this weekend. Enter a migraine that took me down for almost the entire day Saturday and when it passed it left me exhausted. So I laid down and woke up at 8am on Sunday morning. Still in my clothes.

The van didn’t start again today and all I had meant to get done was adjusted again. That and my pieces I need for my booth needed touch up paint.

I’m not complaining though just stating the facts. What I was thinking instead was I feel so lucky that these are my problems. As frustrating as they are they are not the end of the world.

My booth will get done. My van will limp along. Even if I didn’t finish a Tuesday blog post I would still live to tell the tale.

So I’m sorry this post is not what you might have expected when you stopped by today. I couldn’t get it done.

Many blessings to you!