Preparing for Minneapolis Vintage Market

Preparing for Minneapolis Vintage Market

I’m not sure why I decided to book my first Minneapolis Vintage Market for the 19th of December but I did. Yes, I am kicking myself because let’s face it 6 days before the holidays is not when you want to tackle a vintage market.

Still here I am!

Preparing for Minneapolis Vintage Market

Setting my Sights on Minneapolis Vintage Market

I learned about Minneapolis Vintage Market when I met the owner of Hausle Shop. She sells a lot at Minneapolis Vintage Market and has always had a wonderful experience. So I thought I should give it a try.

I went through their approval process and happily was approved. The next Market I could apply for was November but sadly I was waitlisted. The next opportunity was December. Full of optimism from Junk Bonanza I thought why no!

Now as I’m looking down the barrel at the 19th and everything around it I’m overwhelmed.

Learning A New Way to Market

I’m used to participating in Vintage Markets that last at least two day and allow a full day of set up. For Minneapolis Vintage Market it’s a one day market and set up is only 90 minutes.

My anxiety just spiked typing that.

90 minutes is not a lot of time. I had to set aside my idea of building pretty displays and think instead of function. To be honest that’s a little disappointing to me. Selling vintage home decor when it’s plunked on a table just doesn’t seem right to me.

There’s no electrical so there’s not way to properly light a display. I’m sad about that. I think I’m going to load up on fairy lights that are battery operated so I have a little sparkle.

I’ve had to alter my whole thinking on Vintage Market selling. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just different.

Making My Adjustments

I leveled down my thinking and started to accommodate this new way of selling. It’s a quick and dirty form of selling.

Instead of bringing my van I’ve decided that my Rav4 fulling loaded will be more than enough. Furniture will not be a thing. At least not at this Minneapolis Vintage Market. I will have to see how this one goes before I get too ambitious.

This show will decide how I go forward and how many additional shows I think I can handle.

Since I’m taking on an extra space at my regular shop Picket Fence Gals and I’ll be participating in Junk Junction in St. Cloud in March and Junk Bonanza in April I may not get to another Minneapolis Vintage Market until May. But we will see.

For now I plan to bring lots of cards for my shop so I can hand them out. Maybe I can get a few of the shoppers to head up north to buy larger items. It never hurts to get the word out.

And of course I will be taking my own advice and be promoting my Etsy shop!

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