Not Sure About Decorating with Bold Colors? Start Small!

Not Sure About Decorating with Bold Colors? Start Small!

I love painting my walls and furniture with bright color but I know for a lot of people decorating with bold colors can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be, but if you want to ease into colors then start small!

This blog post has been roaming around in my brain for a long time. You either love bold color statements or you don’t.  Just because you do love color doesn’t mean jumping into painting your walls with bright colors isn’t easy. It takes some courage. Especially if you’re going from a neutral color pallet.

So how do you introduce bold colors into your home to test the waters?  Here are a few ideas!


Hang Color Blocks

Decorating with bold color blocks

Color blocks are a great way to explore colors. I hung three green handmade papers from the art supply store on my living room wall. I fell in love with the texture and color, so I wrapped them around stretched canvas.

You can always grab a paint sample that you love and use that to paint some color blocks. It’s wonderful way to test the color waters.

Use Bold Accessories

Things like picture frames are an easy way to introduce color to your rooms.

Unicorn Spit Project Thrift store makeover after

I just painted a few accessories in a bold blue and purple color swirl using Unicorn Spit gel stain. It’s a bright, bold color pallet that stands out but in small enough quantities for those who want to dip their toes into the color pool.

Add a little color to accessories sprinkled throughout the room. Maybe a bright box, frame, or even a bright glass bowl in the middle of the coffee table.


Pillows are always fair game when it comes to color. If you’re not sure about the new colors of the season (yellow and gray this year folks), then try it out with a bright pillow or two to see if you can live with it.

bright colored pillows

Once your tolerance for this little bits colors grows you might be ready to paint a table in a bold color or even buy your next sofa in a bold color.

Decorating with bold colors doesn’t have to be scary. You can always change your might without too much regret if you just start small.

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