May Christmas for Free Update

May Christmas for Free Update

May is over and I’m later than I wanted to be posting this update, again. If you watch my YouTube channel then you know I been running like a mad woman. But still I have no excuse. I should have been able to get to it sooner but I’ve lost track of time lately.

For those of you who are new to the blog and are wondering what I’m talking about you can read the first post here. If you don’t want to read the whole thing here’s the gist. I’ve set a challenge to save enough with savings apps to pay for all of my Christmas gifts this year.

Here’s the May Christmas for Free Totals!

I’m going break the earnings down by each app and let you know my thoughts about going forward with each.

Target May 2022 Christmas for Free total

Let’s start with the lowest earner which is Target Circle. I figured out last month that I had accidently spent my circle earnings after I had to reload the app because of a glitch and this switch was turned on, so I am back down to $2.33 for this month. I also received 2 more $5 gift cards for cat litter and food this month. That’s the additional $10 you see above. I love getting cards for items I was in desperate need of anyway!

Shopkick May 2022 Christmas for free total

Next up is Shopkicks Referal Code: SAVE725778 . I’ve mentioned that this one is a slow earner for me. Most of the time I get what’s called “walk-in” kicks for walking into a store like Target. This month was another slow month. I have 1,941 kicks which is enough for a $5 gift card.

Pogo May 2022 Christmas for Free Total

Next up is one of the new apps I’m using POGO. POGO it’s a data mining app and I know that people are uncomfortable with apps like this. I’m not. I figure everyone is using my data anyway I might as well get paid. And as you can see above every transaction counts for points. Right now I’m at $7.11 in earnings.

Fetch Rewards Ma Christmas for Free 2022

Next is Fetch Rewards Referal Code GB0QJ hands down one of the best apps for savings. This app give you points for every amazon order, and every receipt you scan. Including thrift store receipts. I have a lot of those. It’s one of my favorites because even if you don’t buy their preferred brand you still get 25 points for every receipts. This makes it supper easy to earn.

This month was another good earning month. So I now have increased from $46 to $53 on Fetch to use for Christmas. YES!

Upside May 2022 Christmas for Free

Upside I have been loving Upside for the past few months earning between $15-$18 each month just for buying gas. I’m posting the full month of transactions for this month so you can see that I’m not exaggerating. Something is going wrong and I mean badly wrong at Upside. All but 2 transactions had a problem. I manually uploaded the Casey’s receipt but they claim to have never received it. Holiday they check for my credit card last 4 digits but they couldn’t find it.

I will be printing a receipt for EVERY fill up going forward and watching these earnings this month. If I don’t receive my cash back in a timely manner I will have to follow up with customer service. Total now $68.60

ibotta may 2022 Christmas for Free Totals

Next is Ibotta. May was a good month of earning on iBotta. Not a lot bonuses in May so my earnings went from $153.35 to $159.92. Still nothing to be sad about.

When a friends of mine signs up through my referral link and we both received a $10 bonus. You can get that bonus too if you sign up through my Ibotta referral link.

Hog Slots May 2022

I just added Receipt Hog two months ago and I’m already at $5. I didn’t get past the $5 mark this month. Maybe next month I’ll make it to a $10 earning (2 $5 gift cards since they don’t have a $10 level).

Like Fetch Receipt Hog gives you points for every receipt you scan and there are bonus drawings and Hog slots where you can win extra points each month. So far I have $5 on this app. I need quite a bit more to reach the next level. If you want to sign up use my referral code skemp327 and get some bonus points!

Other Savings

Target gift card

In addition to the savings apps when I pay my phone bill on time I get a $5 gift cards to Target. Unfortunately they expire (even though that is illegal in my state) so I can’t save these for Christmas.

I did get a $5 gift card for some hygiene products and this month another $15 in gift cards. I’m saving those as well so that’s another $20

The Grand Total for May!

Drum roll please! The grand total for January, February, March, April and May is $330.76!

The stress of paying for the holidays notches down every time that total notches up. Even though it wasn’t a huge earning month, another $30 will help a lot when it’s time to buy gifts.

I’m getting more confident that this year I won’t be paying anything out of pocket for my holiday gifts!

Are you ready to join me? Sign up through my links to get bonuses from each app!

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May 2022 Christmas for Free