March Christmas For FREE Update

March Christmas For FREE Update
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Sorry I missed last month’s update. It’s been one of those months.  My second computer in less than a year just died on me.  The worst part is this one was just out of warranty (of course) and I had paid a small fortune for it.  Ugh!

Never again.  I’ve decided that pawn shop computers will be good enough.  If I have to replace the computer every 13 months I may as well.  So this is being composed on a $75 laptop from the pawn shop.  For what I paid for the last one I’ll be able to get 10 pawn shop computers so even if this one only last 6 months I’m still way ahead of the game.

Enough about computers!

Here’s the update on how the Christmas for Free experiment is going.  I have to say the month of February update wouldn’t have been that interesting anyway.  After the holidays there just weren’t that many great deals since no one in my family jumps on the New Year’s Resolution I must get fit bandwagon.  Most of the deals in the New Year seem to be all related to weight loss products and fitness products.

March though seems to be right back on the normal track so there were a few more deals to be had.  That and Checkout 51 brought back their fresh deal which is awesome.  I missed the fresh deals.  It’s a great way to earn cash back on things like lettuce, tomatoes, and other veggies that you don’t get coupons for.

Easter savings helped as well since I still have a kid whole love getting an Easter basket full of goodies.  There were a few jellybean cash backs I took advantage of and they brought back the [amazon_textlink asin=’B00JPFSTDG’ text=’Downy Wrinkle Releaser’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’1512′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5c322233-3818-11e8-bc57-af007ac0d79b’] cash back which I’m IN LOVE with!  If you haven’t used [amazon_textlink asin=’B00JPFSTDG’ text=’Downy Wrinkle Releaser’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’1512′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5c322233-3818-11e8-bc57-af007ac0d79b’] you have to try it.  I don’t iron anymore.

Here’s a breakdown of where I stand now:

Checkout 51 – $13.50

Receipt Hog – 1551 coins which means right now I’m at $5 cash and I’m 1,349 coins away from $10 cash.

Savings Star – $2.05 well woo-hoo!  They have the [amazon_textlink asin=’B00JPFSTDG’ text=’Downy Wrinkle Releaser’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’1512′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5c322233-3818-11e8-bc57-af007ac0d79b’] Rebate along with Checkout 51 so I will be  taking advantage of this for next month.

Ibotta – $20.55. I’ve learned with this one you have to read the description very carefully.  The size of the product is extremely important.  I purchased Nutella which they had a rebate for unfortunately the one I bought was TOO BIG to get the rebate.  WHAT?! Who denies a rebate because you bought too much? I understand when you don’t buy a large enough size but too big?  That’s just crazy.  Oh well, lesson learned.  They have PACE Picante sauce back on their list so this total will be going up.  It’s the only brand we eat.  There’s also Musselman’s applesauce which my daughter says she likes it better than other brands and since they’re for her lunch I’m not going to argue.  A dollar back on Wet Ones will help too.  I always have some of those in my car.  You need them when you’re a junker.

Fetch Rewards – Referal Code GB0QJ 7,939 points which means I have a $5 reward and I’m 2,061 away from a $10 reward.  If you haven’t yet tried this one you have to get it.  They will give you 25 points for each grocery receipt even if you don’t have any of the brands they represent.  It’s a slow growth that way but I’ll take it.

Shopkicks – Referal Code: SAVE725778 – 2,701 points so far.  This is the equivalent of a $10 Target, Walmart or Amazon card.  I’m going to keep saving for the higher value card.  The next level is $25 which is 6,260 points so another 3,549. That is a big jump but there’s still a lot of time left.  I just have to remember to activate it to get walk-in points even when I don’t scan items.  I have forgotten a few times.  Funny what reminded me was hearing their familiar chime as someone else scanned an item to get their points!  I’m telling you once you hear that sound you will understand why people call it Pokémon for adults.

Ebates – They just sent me $10.41 which I have to set aside.  I referred my mom and she did sign up and make purchases (she’s addicted now) so I have to follow up and find out why I didn’t get my referral money.  Since I signed her up I know she used my link.  Makes me wonder how many other referrals I haven’t received.  Hmm.

Walmart Savings Catcher – The last two receipts haven’t produced any cash back.  In total, I have $9.35.  I’ll take it since most of these cash backs were items I didn’t know I could get for less somewhere else so it’s free money toward Christmas.  My daughter’s birthday is this month and she always get’s Walmart gift cards so I’ll be scanning her receipts.  Since I’m spending any cash back on her Christmas gift it seems fair that she contributes.

Walgreens Balance Rewards – SCORE! I’m up to $20 in balance rewards thanks to some outstanding 7,000 bonus points when I filled a prescription and the need to stock up on allergy meds which have amazing coupons right now.  I just received a notice that I’ll get another 5,000 bonus points (a $5 reward) for buying $25 more allergy meds.  Since both my daughter and I need this for spring that won’t be hard to do.

KellogsFamilyRewards – 17, 673 points I use these to get my Christmas Cards for free so their not directly paying for gifts.  If I have some points left over I can get gift cards. Which I think I will so I’ll have to see what I can get!

Shutterfly The App – What we get for the referral we both receive an 8×8 photo book free! – App freebie throughout the year for items like photobooks, calendars, playing cards, puzzles, and mugs,  which will be saved and used as photo gifts. The app kicks out a freebie or a discount every weekend.  Make sure you download the app and enable notifications. As a bonus the app gives you free prints.  No lie all the time.  Just pay shipping.

So if I can do the math really quick here I have so far $75.31 towards my Christmas bill.  Not too bad.

OH! WAIT! I almost forgot I received $1.40 back in March from them which is just sitting my PayPal account as cash so I have $76.71.  Since I have 8 months left to earn I’m optimistic about this.

$76.71 Towards Christmas!

What about you?  Have any of you been saving along with me?  Comment below and let me know how you’re doing on reaching your goal.  If you haven’t yet started join me!  If you use the links and referral codes I provided most will give you sign up bonuses to help jumpstart your savings.  Even if you chipped a few hundred off your bill it would be well worth the effort.

See you next month!