Like She Owns The Place – A Review

Like She Owns The Place – A Review
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Like She Owns The Place made me sit up and take notice the instant I saw the cover. Cara Alwill Leyba is on the cover with her shock of pink hair and literally power posing the most glamorous way I’ve ever seen.

The book was a lot of we can do this pep talk with a heaping of no-nonsense get your shit together girl. What else can you expect when the subtitle is Give Yourself The Gift of Confidence and Ignite Your Inner Magic.

I enjoyed the book so much I actually joined the Slay Baby Collective on Facebook and found an extraordinarily group of women who abide by the rules of supporting each other not tearing one another down.

This is so refreshing for me. I’ve never much cared for the cattiness of women. I’ve never understood why someone else’s success meant she had to be torn down systematically and callously.

Why can women celebrate each other’s successes without feeling like less of a success ourselves?

Like She Owns the Place was probably the first of the books I decided to binge on my business improvement journey, because of the subtitle of Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence and Ignite Your Inner Magic and I lacked in the confidence department for a while, so it was what needed in that moment.

I’ve not read any of Cara’s other books but reading Like She Owns the Place might make me look into them.

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