Let’s Crush 2020!

Let’s Crush 2020!

I’ve set my goals for 2020 in good faith that I will accomplish all of them.  Still I am resigned to the notion that I might not make all of them.

The whole point, for me, of setting goals is to keep moving forward.  Being my own boss means that no one is standing over my shoulder tapping their toe waiting for me to get things done.

It’s heaven!

At the same time it’s terrifying. Because that means I am able to coast through an entire day having accomplished nothing ad no one knows. Except me.

At first it’s one day.  No big deal.  I’ll get to these tasks tomorrow.  But I don’t. Instead I go grocery shopping.  I have lunch with a friend. Next thing I know BOOM! The day is over. Again.

My husband is far from a guru but whenever I ask him to do something he finds unpleasant, he always says he’ll do it tomorrow.  He then explains with a big smile that tomorrow never comes.

That cheeky little monkey.

So writing my goals down and keeping them in the forefront of my mind helps to remind me that I do in fact have a deadline. It’s today, because tomorrow never comes.


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