January Christmas For Free Update

January Christmas For Free Update

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Well January slipped away fast! I can’t believe it’s already gone and it’s take me this long to post. I’m so sorry. All I can say is it’s a long explanation and trust me you don’t want to hear it.

January was not a great month for saving until the end of the month. That’s when I broke down and Weston Walmart. All the apps accept Walmart receipts and they have Saving Catcher which compares all the other store in the area and matches their prices. So I’m in.

Walmart Savings Catcher total

this was my first Savings Catcher amount back. I’ll take it! Considering I didn’t even see some of the ads they compared my receipt against.

Here’s how the rest shook out:

Shopkick totalShopkicks Referal Code: SAVE725778 what we get both of us get 250 points for the referral – thanks to a delayed prescription I was able to get a few more points this month. This means I’m at a $5 Target gift card level. Only 208 points away from a $10 gift card.  Not bad for just wandering around the store an scanning items while I wait.


Fetch Rewards TotalFetch RewardsReferal Code GB0QJ We both get 1500 points for the referral – still ranks as one of my favorite apps. They now have real time receipt processing which is pretty cool BUT you still have to carefully watch to make sure you’re not missing any bonus points.

ibotta Total


Ibotta– not a bad month on Ibotta but my team and I still didn’t earn any bonuses. Maybe in February!







Savings Star Totals

SavingStar– can’t really say much about that. Because their selection is limited on products and my policy is not to buy just to get money back there wasn’t much here.


Receipt Hog Totals


receipt hog – I’m really sorry more people can’t get on this app because they capped their participants.  This is already $5 back via PayPal on my way to $15 which is the next level.


Checkout 51 Total Checkout 51– a couple more dollars here. Slow and steady wins the race I guess. I miss their weekly fresh item. It used to be a great way to get a few pennies back for buying lettuce, potatoes, or other fresh veggies.

Ebates – They just sent me a check for the $10.41 I had in there last month so right now my balance is at zero.

Walgreens Balance Rewards – I have a $5 reward right now and I’m 3,000 points away from a $10 reward.  They just issued a 10x points value for every dollar spent so I might reach $10 in the next week (yay!).

That’s it for this month. Click on any of the links above to join me in this adventure. Let me know how your doing if you are joining me!