January Christmas for Free Update

January Christmas for Free Update

January is over! That means it’s time to update you all on my Christmas for Free challenge. Let do the January Christmas for Free Update!

For those of you who are new to the blog and are wondering what I’m talking about you can read the first post here. If you don’t want to read the whole thing here’s the gist. I’ve set a challenge to save enough with savings apps to pay for all of my Christmas gifts this year.

Here’s the January Christ for Free Totals!

I’m going break the earnings down by each app and let you know my thoughts about going forward with each.

Target Circle Earnings

Let’s start with the lowest earner which is Target Circle. A whopping 55 cents y’all! To be fair it’s January and I’m dead broke from last Christmas so there hasn’t been any spending beyond what’s absolutely necessary. I believe I earned this for allergy meds. It’s not much but we’re adding it to the total.

Shopkick Earnings

Next up is Shopkicks Referal Code: SAVE725778 . Another slow earner due to the fact that I haven’t been out shopping this month. You can see my Target visit that netted me the 55 cents also earned by a few kicks. I need 500 kicks to get a $2 gift card so at 356 we’re not quite there yet.


Next up is one of the new apps I’m using POGO. As you can see it’s a data mining app. I earn for every purchase that runs through my bank account. For every 1,000 point you get $1 so I am currently at $2. Woo Hoo!

Fetch Rewards

Next is Fetch Rewards Referal Code GB0QJ and I’m so close the $5 reward but right now I just have enough for the $3 gift cards. This app give you points for every amazon order, and receipt you scan. It’s one of my favorites because even if you don’t buy their preferred brand you still get $25 points. This makes it supper easy to earn.

Get Upside

Get Upside is another new one for me and I LOVE IT! $15.28 for filling my tank! And there’s the one Burger King purchase. At this rate I’m going to succeed at this challenge by mid year. I drive so much that earning money for filling my tank is a huge win for me.


Here’ the big winner this month but only because I happened to buy my groceries when iBotta was offering a $5 halftime bonus. $26.57 for my grocery purchases. Yes, I realize they credited part of my purchase in February but as you can see all the purchases were made in January so it counts. I will adjust it off of the February update. I know if won’t always be this high this month they had a lot of our preferred brands. Next month might only be a few dollars. Who knows.

The Grand Total for January!

Drum roll please! The grand total for all of the above is $47.40! Add to that the $5 gift card I got for paying my Verizon bill on time and I have $52.40 so far for Christmas gifts. Woot Woot!. If I can save $50 per month by the time I get to November I will have around $550. That always helps take the sting out of the holidays!

Are you ready to join me? Sign up through my links to get bonuses from each app!

January Christmas for Free 2022

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