I’ve Never Been So Proud!

I’ve Never Been So Proud!

If you’ve seen my YouTube Channel then you know my daughter Victoria goes with me on a lot of my junking runs. All summer she’s with me every time I hit a sale. She is my right arm and my favorite junking buddy.  On my Etsy shop, I say that she has a good eye and I am not saying that to be cute.  She really does. I’m proud of her every day but wait until you hear why this time!

Proud mom moment
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She surprises even me at times. I know that she’s with me but sometimes I forget that she sees everything that I do. The good, the bad, and the downright disturbing.  You know everything!

Sometimes she complains when I want to go junking so I’ve always assumed that she wasn’t all that interested in what I do. Until today!

We went to one of my favorite thrifting spots. It was at the end of their day so I had to make the run through the store really quick which means I tend to miss some things.

Junking Buddy was pushing the cart with a nonplussed look on her face.  First I heard her yell, “Mom!” and I assumed she spotted a toy or a wedding dress she wanted (she has a love affair with wedding dressed), but I turned around and she had found a piece of foam.  If you reupholster as many chair seats as I do you are always looking for more foam.  The piece she found was perfect for a single chair and only cost $0.70. Score!

Then we made our way into the glassware department. This is where my heart soared!! I spotted a white bowl and asked her if it was ironstone. Junking Buddy promptly flipped it over, but there was not hallmark on the bottom.  Before I could take the bowl from her she flicked the edge and listened intently with all the concentration of a professional. Oh, be still my heart!  She knows how to identify ironstone by the sound! I love her so much.

That bowl was ceramic, but we were able to find a nice piece of ironstone on the next shelf over. Which she promptly clicked the edge of and smiled.

Our kids pick up so much from us that we’re not aware of.  I learned from my parents and grandparents and she is learning from me.  I hope she learns all the good things like how to bird dog ironstone and none of the bad things like how to curse like a sailor.

Only time will tell!