Increase Your Productivity Work In Bulk!

Increase Your Productivity Work In Bulk!

When you run a small business, you are everything from the production floor to the marketing department, to the

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shipping department. I get asked all the time how I do it all. Today I was in the middle of setting up Etsy listings and I realized I do everything in bulk.

Yesterday I spent the day photographing all the listings and cropping the photos.  Today was writing all the listings.

Even my furniture pieces are done in bulk.  I will open a can of a certain color of paint and then pull out two to three pieces that I want to finish in that color and then paint them in a row.  When I get to the end of the last piece the first piece is ready for a second coat. Ditto on the clear coat process.

I create videos for the YouTube channel in bulk.  Sometimes changing my clothes in between so that it will look like time has passed between each.

This process is something I’ve employed all my life.   It’s because once you get into

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the flow of something you don’t want to stop.  That and by the time you get all your tools ready to do something, like painting or photographing, it saves time.

I bulk my phone calls, emails, shipping; almost anything I need to get done can be handled in bulk.  I even cook in bulk and freeze meals to save time.

It seems like a small productivity tip but it’s effective.  If you’re struggling with getting “all” of it done, trying bulking your processes to streamline your processes.  Your productivity will increase significantly.

Do you have any productivity tips you want to share? Let me know if the comments below!